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Subject: How Times Change

Hi all

How Times Change

Just reading this article on the first Federal Election in 1901, won by the Protectionist Party of Edmund Barton (very strong in NSW) who were in favour of tariffs, and who worked closely in coalition with the Australian Labour Party (with their strong trade union movement in Melbourne).

While in opposition was the Free Trade Party.,_1901

There were 75 House of Representatives seats for what had previously been six British colonies (now called states), covering Australia’s population of just 4 million. Then there were 36 Senate seats.

A real push was to bring in a restricted immigration policy (which with the ALP push then became the White Australia policy), though every candidate apparently backed it, with the notable exception of a chap called Bruce Smith (who was the member for Canterbury/Burwood/Ashfield in Sydney).

Though when the decision was made that this would exclude all coloured people, via a difficult dictation test, some senators (not to mention politicians in Great Britain) got a little upset.

Yes, how things change (on the surface), though deep down I think we’re still pretty much the same. There’s a lot of fear there.

Ahh, we need the Lord’s grace.

Blessings all Steve

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