GoogleMP3 File Creation

1. Open a Firefox browser or Google Chrome browser

To generate (or hear) the foreign language first, use the following URL
for a home page where you can select the source language, the destination language, and enter specific text


2. To generate "Gesu" (the Italian word for Jesus) as an mp3 file, enter the following URL"Gesu"
Google automatically downloads an mp3 file and plays it through your speakers

3. Right Click the mouse and select "Save Page As" to save that downloaded mp3 file. Change its name to whatever you like.
That's it."Jesus" will then do the same in Portuguese"Jesus" for Spanish"Jesus" for French"Jesus" for English


Also, you can use the following URL specific text
to translate specific text from, say, English into French


If you have some foreign text and are uncertain of the language, the following URL may help.


Now, for some Chinese and Pinyin assistance

Click here for an online Chinese translation and visual and audible pronunciation page

Click here for the Chinese "Pinyin" to English pronunciation rules

Click here for a Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese translation page


End of instructions