What about the billions who have never heard about Jesus :-)

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Subject: What about the billions who have never heard about Jesus :-)

Hi all

Ok, here’s my two bob’s worth from this morning’s chat. Also looking at the total number who have passed on to eternity since Adam.

Currently in 2018, there are about 7½ billion people alive. Click here for a sortable list by country.

Average Ages at present when it comes to mortality:

Australia 82 years   Europe 80

North America 78 years   South America 74

China 75 years   Indonesia 70   India 67   Russia 66   Africa 57

Jesus said, "Remember the Queen of Sheba", and Solomon’s writing proverbs about the Lord.

Because the most important thing in every individual's life, who is genuinely searching in their heart for God, is to meet up with Jesus, God's arm is not so short that he can't at the right point, like the Queen of Sheba, draw any one seeker thousands of kilometres to meet up with a pre-ordained "Paul" (a father figure), a missionary, a mentor, who will birth them in the gospel. Then they return with rejoicing . Ever since the Day of Pentecost, 2000 years ago.
How beautiful are the feet, etc, etc of these people.

And, also remember Jesus's words "If they — the current 'preachers' in each local place, the local 'cosmos' — have called the householder (Jesus) Beelzebub — master of corruption, flies, and stuff — how much more (shall they call) them of his household". Yes, until the day Jesus returns.
That's the Principalities and Powers and delusions principle. But, "more there be with us (angels), than be with them".

In the past 70 years there has been an explosion in population growth.

Click here for some corroboration in Worldometer's statistics. Previously it had been slower due to issues like wars famines and diseases — click here for stats of the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918-1919 the last serious world wide epidemic, also of course a high infant mortality rate in Asia Middle East and Africa where 75% of the world's population currently live, click here re dramatic change in stats since 1950.

Ok, here are those numbers on mortality going back to Adam. Approximately


YearAverage Pop. MillionsMortality Countper dayper year
2000- 20186,9001 billion150,00055 million
1900- 20003,0005 billion140,00050 million
1800- 19001,3002 billion55,00020 million
1700- 18008001 billion27,00010 million
700AD- 17003505 billion14,0005 million
300BC- 700AD1802½ billion7,0002½ million
1300BC- 300BC50700 million2,000700,000
Adam- 1300BC300 millionwhich includes the wipe-out of, say, 20 million descendants of Adam at the flood in 2300BC

Total, say, 17½ billion humans have passed on to eternity since Adam.

Blessings Steve

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