Possible sequence of events between the Passovers in John 2 and John 6

While John sets out a consecutive chronology of events, the other gospels tend to move around a bit more, reflecting the theme involved in each specific passage.

Below is a possible sequence of events between the passover in Jerusalem, and the second passover a month later in accordance with Numbers 9:11, on a remote hillside in Galilee.

April 2nd-3rdPassover feast in Jerusalem. John 2
April 4th-7thSpends some extra days in Judaea with his disciples who were baptizing converts. John 3
April 9th-10thTwo days in Samaria. John 4
April 12thCana and miracle of nobleman's son. John 4
April 14thCapernaum. Heals paralytic man let down through the roof. Later that day, calls Levi (Matthew) to be his disciple. Mark 2, Luke 5
April 15thSecond Sabbath following the Passover and issue of disciples plucking corn. Mark 2, Luke 6.
April 16th Spends night in prayer. Appoints the 12 disciples. Huge crowd gathers. Sermon on the Mount (to just these disciples). Declared to be mad by his friends, working with the devil by the Pharisees, and his worried family come to see him at the house he is in. Next, a centurion requests healing for his servant. Mark 3, Luke 6 and 7, Matthew 5, 6 and 7
April 17thFollowing day, with many disciples and others, raises widow's son at Nain, outside Nazareth. Luke 7
April 18th-21st Goes to Jerusalem for a feast, perhaps in regard to this coming passover. John 5
At this timeWhile he is healing many people, John sends two disciples from his prison to ask Jesus if he is the one. Luke 7
April 22ndNow in Jerusalem. Sabbath. Heals lame man at pool at Bethesda. John 5
Early MaySecond Passover is near. Now back in Galilee, hears that John has been executed. Jesus's disciples also return to him with much excitement. Goes to a remote spot on a mountain. Feeds the 5000 who follow. John 6, Matthew 14, Luke 9, Mark 6