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Subject: Two words for "evil" in New Testament "Kakos"-kakky harm or unjust injury and "Poneros"-painful punishment

Hi all

Just been doing some study on that word “evil” in the New Testament, they are two different words.

The first one “unjust injury” and “kakky” :-) is used in James 1, “Don’t say, when tested — being fully laid open — a stronger word than the word 'examine' — I’m tested of God, for God is not tested with unjust injury, nor does he test anyone that way". Yes, that included Abraham, though it used that word “test” when talking about Abraham and Isaac in Genesis, there could never be “injustice” involved ......

It is used when talking about human words, thoughts, actions e.g. Don’t give back “injury for injury”. Note - the root meaning of injury implies "injustice".

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The other word, “painful/punishing” is used in the four gospels when referring to judgments, it’s used in the Greek when talking about God knowing good and evil, creating evil, creating the tree of knowledge of good and evil, of evil spirits, and of course in the Lord’s prayer, what should be a regular prayer — bring us not to the test, but instead deliver us from that painful punishment :-)

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And of course — Do not test God (actions to lay him open) according to our “injurious” – unbelieving thoughts. But testing him, examining him, as used in the book of Malachi, to see if we can “outgive” him in our tithing / tenthing :-) to God, that’s different.

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