Copying and Pasting to Another Document

Select ALL items on the current webpageCTRL+A
COPY the selected items to the ClipboardCTRL+C
INSERT the contents of the Clipboard at the selected locationCTRL+V

Moving a window with your keyboard

  • Hold down the Alt key and press the Spacebar.
  • Press M (Move).
  • A 4-headed arrow will appear. When it does, use your arrow keys to move the outline of the window.
  • When you are happy with its position, press Enter.

Resizing a window with your keyboard - not always available

  • Hold down the Alt key and press the Spacebar.
  • Press S (Size).
  • A 4-headed arrow will appear. Press the arrow key that corresponds with the side of the window you want to change. A 2-headed arrow then enables resizing.
  • For example, if you want to drag the top of the window to make it bigger, press the up arrow until you are happy with its size.
  • When finished resizing, press Enter.

Using zoom

Increase zoom (+ 10%)CTRL+PLUS SIGN
Decrease zoom (- 10%)CTRL+MINUS SIGN
Zoom to 100%CTRL+0 (using the number 0 at the top of the keyboard)
Alternatively, hold the control key down and use the scroll wheel on the mouse

Note, clicking the scroll wheel causes the page to scroll in the direction of the mouse
Click it a second time to stop

Working with tabs and windows in IE7 and IE8

Open a new Window on the TaskbarCTRL+N
Open a new TAB in the foregroundCTRL+T
Close current tab CTRL+W
Select the text in the Address barALT+D
Open a new tab in the foreground from the Address barALT+ENTER

Other Shortcuts in Internet Explorer

Toggle between full-screen and regular viewing with browser menuF11 key
Go to the Previous pageBackspace
EXPLORE via the search boxCTRL+E
FIND on this pageCTRL+F
PRINT the current page or active frameCTRL+P

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