The ultimate ode to denial.

Email sent: Friday, September 06, 2013 6:30 PM
Subject: One Day to go - Praise the Lord :-)

Hi all

Sitting in Toscanis this morning as “Pretty Fly” comes blasting over the speakers

Now he's getting a tattoo, yeah, he's gettin' ink done,
he asked for a "13", but they drew a "31".
Friends say he's trying too hard, and he's not quite hip,
but in his own mind, he's the, he's the dopest trip.

and suddenly contrasting

1. our, hopefully, soon-to-be-recently-departed PM’s puffed up, presidential “13” campaign,

2. with the humility, the real power, in our Lord’s love-based “31 years on earth” campaign :-)

So, anyway, it’s an oldie but a goldie, so I popped this Youtube page together, along with its lyrics.
Also popped in an article by Graham Richardson I read in today’s paper,
Graham’s an old ALP Labour Senator from way back in Bob Hawke’s era.

Blessings all ☺ Steve

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