TimeZones Tuesday 24th January 2017

Brisbane (Sunrise 5:14)

Note, Queensland is a large state: Townsville (Sunrise 5:53) Mt Isa (Sunrise 6:20)

New Zealand is 3 hrs ahead

Sydney (Sunrise 6:09 B5:09), Melbourne (Sunrise 6:25 B5:25)
NSW and Victoria are both 1 hr ahead (except Broken Hill)

Adelaide (Sunrise 6:27 B5:57), BrokenHill (Sunrise 6:22 B5:52) ½ hr ahead

Darwin (Sunrise 6:37 B7:07) ½ hr behind 

Tokyo, Seoul 1 hr behind

North Korea 1½ hrs behind

Perth (Sunrise 5:34 B7:34) 2 hrs behind
(except for Eucla in WA (Sunrise 5:28 B6:43) 1¼ hrs behind)

China, Philippines, Malaysia also 2 hrs behind

Java, Thailand, Vietnam 3 hrs behind

India 4½ hrs behind
Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan 5 hrs behind
Afghanistan 5½ hrs behind
Iran 6½ hrs behind

Turkey, Moscow, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia 7 hrs behind

Athens, Egypt, Israel, Syria, South Africa 8 hrs behind

Europe 9 hrs behind

England, Nigeria 10 hrs behind. GMT.

New York, Montreal 9 hrs ahead (previous day)

Los Angeles, Seattle 6 hrs ahead (previous day)

Alaska 5 hrs ahead (previous day)


On Tuesday March 21, 2017 1:56 PM, "Stephen Williamson" wrote:

Subject:March Equinox now past, almost time to fix up our clocks :-)

Hi all

Yep, nearly that time of year when we realign with Sydney time. This Sunday week.

Great little link below, you can change month and year, by manually altering the hyperlink. Or clicking on their date option (just below their heading). You can also change countries. Boy, I could have used one of these at school when I was in that geography/physics class trying to figure out all those “bits and bobs and what ifs”.


March 20 last night. Our Equinox (sun was directly over Equator at 8:29pm)
Brisbane Sunrise 5:51AM  Sunset 5:59PM
March 25 will be our most equal day
due to a light lingering "quirkiness" thing. Technical term : “refraction” 
Brisbane Sunrise 5:53AM  Sunset 5:53PM 11hrs 59 minutes 43 seconds
almost, not quite, 12 hours.

December 21 was our Longest day, ie sun was furthest to the south over Tropic of Capricorn
Brisbane Sunrise 4:49AM  Sunset 6:42PM  13hrs 52 minutes 54 seconds



March 20 yesterday afternoon. Their Equinox (sun was directly over Equator at 12:29pm)

Jerusalem Sunrise 5:41AM  Sunset 5:51PM
March 16 was their most equal day due to their latitude and curvature.
Jerusalem Sunrise 5:48AM  Sunset 5:47PM 11hrs 59 minutes 47 seconds

June 21 (Their Longest day - they use Daylight saving, starts 2am this Friday)
Jerusalem Sunrise 5:34AM  Sunset 7:47PM  14hrs 13 minutes 33 seconds
December 21 (Shortest day), with earliest sunset December 3 (sunrise 6:23 sunset 4:34)
Jerusalem Sunrise 6:35AM  Sunset 4:39PM  10hrs 4 minutes 28 seconds

Blessings  Steve

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