10 Commandments

Exodus 20:1-17

looking at the main word in Hebrew, Greek, Latin and English

 HebrewGreekLatinModern English
You shall not have any "gods" before meElohimTheosDeusDeities, Judges
You shall not make for yourselves an "engraved image" / likeness of anything in heaven on earth or in water to worship thempeseleidolonsculptileVisible Idols, likenesses
You shall not take the name of the Lord your God "in vain"shawvmataiosvanumSham, Empty
Remember the "Sabbath", the seventh day to keep it holy i.e. separateshabbawthsabbatonsabbatumRest Day
"Honour" your father and your mother that you may live long on the landkabadtimaohonoraHighly Value
You shall not "kill" i.e. cause an innocent person to "fall" (in death)ra-tsakhphoneuooccidesMurder
You shall not "commit adultery" (engage in sex outside marriage contract)na-aph

Jewish Notes

moicheuo, porneia-casual sexmoechaberis, fornicatioAlter (corrupt), Muck up, Be untrue

from "Avoutrie" in French

You shall not "steal" (engage in klepto, furtive action)ga-navkleptofacies furtumThief, shoplifter
You shall not bear "false witness" against your neighbourshe-kehr edpseudo-martyreofalsum testimoniumsham testimony
You shall not "covet" your neighbour's wife, servants, possessions, etckha-madepithumeo, pleonektes-having moreconcupiscesEarnest desire for what is another's, cupidity, idolatry
Colossians 3:5