Time and the Law of Relativity

Based on factors like gravity and speed, how you see time depends on where in the universe you're looking at it. A minute on the moon goes faster than a minute on the Earth. A minute on the sun goes slower. Time on the sun is actually stretched out so that if you could put a clock on the sun, it would tick more slowly.
Click here for further details, attributed to a dear Jewish chap who helped my thinking on this one, no, not Einstein , Gerald Schroeder, a former nuclear physicist at MIT and a former member of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.

Our solar system is located about two-thirds of the way out from the centre of the Milky Way. Illustration via Caltech.

Brief summary of relative speeds and sizes (approximately) of local astronomical objects:


Now, over to Genesis 1

7 Days of Creation

Click here for a more detailed background.

Why does the apple fall to the ground?
Because it's attracted by gravity.

Why is it attracted by gravity?
It's because space-time folds around masses.


DayTime SpanActivity
One.15,750 million BC
- 7,750 million BC
Time starts.
God creates the heavens (the highest heights out there) and earth (the place down here) formless, under waters — stickiness — pregnant with hope
God forms the light at perhaps 100 million trillion trillion degrees Kelvin, and separates the light (day) that is now permeating this sticky mass from the darkness (night)
Second.7,750 million BC -
3,750 million BC
God declares an expanse (a hammering out) to bisect this stickiness, separating waters above the hammering from waters below the hammering i.e. outer space, to a diameter of about 93,000 million light years (the observable universe). Temperature drops to, perhaps, about 5.46 degrees Kelvin (about double the 2.73 degrees the universe is today)
Third.3,750 million BC -
1,750 million BC
Binds stickiness together forming seas, land appears and plant life. The earth is much hotter in this "pre-Cambrian" age, there is less oxygen, and there are perhaps a number of "ice ages" on the surface, with frozen oceans, and with glaciers "grinding" mountains to powder.
Earth's rotation is also faster, resulting in perhaps 450 days in a solar cycle (year)
Fourth.1,750 million BC -
750 million BC
Positions sun, moon, stars to govern time upon the earth
Fifth.750 million BC -
250 million BC
Cambrian explosion when complex living creatures form, sea animals and flying creatures i.e. insects, dragonflies
Sixth.250 million BC -
2,000 AD
Land animals formed.
At the close of the sixth day, about 4,000 BC, creates Adam to rule the earth. Sin (rebellion), violence, death, visits all creatures, ancient and young.
About 2 BC, sends His son to be man's Lord (and Saviour)
Seventh.Reign of Christ for one thousand years.Rest

Starting in Genesis 2 we see the second picture of the seven day week — the scripture summary re “children of Adam”, all made in the image of this, our God, seen as three periods of 2,000 year groups (approximately), this is an old picture, many have prophesied on this one,

a. God-Adam (father-father) revealing his favour and wrath focused on children of Adam at the start in Genesis chapter 2 until the flood and dispersion of these peoples worldwide, all knowing “about” God, if not knowing him directly, much deception abounding, e.g. as recorded in Job.

b. then Abraham-Isaac (father-son) one-third of the way, revealing his favour and wrath recorded and focused on one place, one people, i.e. the Jews, with God “tolerating” other people’s lack of knowledge, delusions “of grandeur”

c. then Jesus-Christ (son-Holy Spirit) two-thirds of the way, revealing his favour and wrath recorded and spoken about everywhere,

reaching up to today three-thirds of the way, with the Gospel message now preached via pre-called and pre-chosen saints, through radio, TV, Internet-smartphones, in every language, literally billions, reading and hearing about the Lord and what he did, taking on our fallenness, on the cross.

coming up to a seventh day (Christ’s return and millennial reign through the Holy Spirit, when Satan, the deceiver, is “locked up”).

** End of week


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