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Date   ↑ ↓
AU TotalAU 3 Day GrowthNSW TotalNSW 3 Day GrowthQld TotalQld 3 Day GrowthVic TotalVic 3 day Growth
01/04/2020 4861 2182 781 968
31/03/2020 4560 2032 743 917
30/03/2020 4250 1071 1918 513 689 134 821 247
27/03/2020 3179 1032 1405 492 555 158 574 163
24/03/2020 2146 1075 913 478 397 176 411 182
21/03/2020 1071 505 435 169 221 127 229 108
18/03/2020 566 268 266 133 94 32 121 64
15/03/2020 298 133 62 57
29/02/2020 26
31/01/2020 9

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If self-quarantined on medical advice, and need groceries or medications delivered, or to have a health issue answered, call 13HEALTH i.e. 1343 2584.
In Qld, a new Community Recovery Hotline is now available 1800 173 349 for medications and grocery drops by charities to your door.

Tuesday 31st March

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Sunday 29th March

Friday 27th March The PM announced this afternoon that everyone arriving at an Australian international airport will be forced to quarantine in a hotel for two weeks as the government responds to the large number of cases related to returning travellers. Australian Defence Force personnel would assist in the compliance of the measures, which are set to come into effect from midnight on Saturday.

At Sydney International Airport, the doors to the arrivals terminal on Sunday morning have been locked to any non-employee.

Chartered transfer buses waited for passengers outside the terminal and members of the Defence Force stood at the ready. Hundreds of people are expected to touch down and be escorted to quarantine by bus, however The Australian understands that only six people will be allowed on each transfer bus, with all passengers to enter through the back door.

NSW Police have warned friends and families of returning travellers not to come to the airport to greet them as they “will not be able to see them or physically communicate with them upon their arrival.
The travellers will be processed discreetly before being taken to their nominated hotels. They will then be able to get in touch with family and friends.
There are no areas in the Sydney International Airport in which family and friends will be able to see the returned travellers or make contact with them.”

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said Qld schools will shift to student-free from next week, but children of essential workers will be able to remain in classrooms, while teachers prepare for online learning.

Wednesday 25th March PM Scott Morrison has effectively placed the country into near-total social shutdown, announcing sweeping new measures to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

From midnight on Wednesday, existing restrictions will be extended to include:

States and territories will take control of decisions surrounding food markets, the prime minister said.

Hairdressers and barber shops will be allowed to continue, but social distancing must be strictly managed and time must be restricted to no more than 30 minutes, preferably less.

Shopping centres will remain open, but retail premises will be limited to businesses not included in the list of restrictions.

Monday 23rd March With the nation-wide shutdown announced on the weekend that started midday on Monday 23rd March, places staying open are takeaway food places, banks, supermarkets, petrol stations, newsagents, pharmacies, and convenience stores, such as JB HiFi at Westfields, Garden City.
Queensland will be closed to visitors and holiday makers from midnight on Wednesday, with police stationed at airports and permits issued to workers needing to cross the border

For all inside gatherings, rule of thumb is 4 square metres per person e.g. if a room is 4 metres by 10 metres, it can hold theoretically hold 10 people. Update, from midnight Monday 30th March, meeting with someone outside your household may only be one-on-one except for weddings(5) and funerals(10).

Currently there are 21 people in Australia who have died with the virus that have been reported.

Wednesday March 18th 2020 - The Australian

Further updates below for China,   Germany,   UK,   US

Formation of the National Cabinet of Australia On Wednesday 18th March, a special nine-member intergovernmental decision-making forum was formed composed of the Premiers of each of the six states, the Chief Ministers of the ACT and Northern Territory, and the Prime Minister. It will meet many times weekly to coordinate the national response to the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic.

PM: Don’t travel abroad

Scott Morrison has given an unprecedented warning for all Australians not to travel abroad.

Indoor gatherings of more than 100 people have also been banned as Australia declares a biosecurity emergency.

Update, from midnight Monday 30th March, meeting with someone outside your household may only be one-on-one.

Scott Morrison announced the measures on Wednesday morning and explained the move was the result of a recommendation from chief health officers around the country.

The Prime Minister also warned Australians not to travel anywhere overseas as the travel ban to citizens is raised to its highest level in history.

“This is a once in a hundred year type event.”

“We are going to keep Australia running. We are going to keep Australia functioning. It won’t look like it normally does.”

Mr Morrison also threw cold water on the idea of locking down Australian cities, saying “there is no short-term, quick fix to how this is dealt with in Australia”.

“The idea that you can just turn everything off for two weeks and then turn it all back on again and it all goes away. That is not the evidence, that is not the facts, that is not the information and it is not our way through this.”

“We are looking at a situation of at least six months for how we deal with this. It could be much longer than that. It could be shorter. That is unlikely, given the way we are seeing events unfold.”

Aged-care facility residents will not be allowed to receive more than one visit of up to two visitors in an effort to stop the spread of coronavirus. Scott Morrison announced that certain exceptions could be made for end of life care patients.

“There should be no large group visits or gatherings. Including social activities or entertainment to be permitted at this time. No school groups of any size should be allowed to visit aged care facilities,” the Prime Minister said. “Children aged 16 years or less should be visiting only by exception.”

Update Monday March 23rd

Germany's additional response:

UK's additional response:

USA's additional response:

China's additional response:
On 26th March, China announced it will temporarily close its borders to foreigners starting on Saturday, March 28.


Russia Its border with China was closed on January 30. On Monday March 16 Russian authorities announced a ban on foreign nationals from entering the country, shut state schools and have limited public gatherings in Moscow. The ban on foreign nationals will be enforced from March 18 until May 1, though diplomats, airplane crew members and some other categories of people will be exempt, the government said.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Monday March 23rd that New Zealand is moving in 48 hours (on Wednesday) to almost complete shutdown.
From Level 3 (its current level) to Level 4 (its highest level of restrictions).

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday March 24th has ordered the country’s entire 1.3 billion people into “total lockdown” for 21 days, sparking panic buying with shoppers clearing out shelves. It followed a raft of lockdown measures that had already been brought in by individual states and territories. “From 12 midnight today (4.30am AEST Wednesday morning) the entire country will be in lockdown, total lockdown,” Mr Modi said in a national television address to the world’s second most-populous nation.

Indian Railways – one of the world’s biggest networks carrying more than 20 million passengers daily – has cancelled all services except suburban and goods trains. E-commerce giant Amazon, which has a big presence in India, said in a statement on its website that it would only sell “high priority” products to customers.

Following his speech, Modi tweeted: “THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO NEED TO PANIC.” “Essential commodities, medicines etc. would be available. Centre and various state governments will work in close co-ordination to ensure this,” he added. People working in essential services such as hospitals, police and media were exempted from the stay-at-home order, authorities added. A maximum of 20 people would be allowed to attend a funeral.

India has lagged behind other nations in the number of COVID-19 cases confirmed, but there has been a sharp increase in recent days to 519 infections, including 10 deaths, according to the government.

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