Aussie TV Free-to-Air

Click the following link to download an app to stream all Free-to-air TV channels to your Windows 10 PC

When you open the app, its default channel is the last channel you were watching, or ABC Channel 2. To change to a different channel, use your left mouse button to click in the black area at the top. All of the free-to-air channels will then appear, left to right.

If the channel you're after doesn't appear, press and hold the left mouse button to drag a sliding bar that will come up across the top until the channel appears.

If your display freezes for some reason, jumping in and out of channels and pausing the screen can do this, just close the display and reopen it.

With regards to the app, apparently there are some legal issues in Australia about advertising it on the Microsoft Store catalogue directly.

It was written by a Tom Hollander under the pseudonym Thirty Hippos. Tom worked for Microsoft Australia 2000 - 2017. He currently works for a company called MongoDB.
Here's a link to Tom's LinkedIn profile.

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