"Born To Try" — Delta Goodrem Neighbours Episode 4110 (5 minutes 50 seconds from start)

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Born To Try - Delta Goodrem (2002)

Neighbours Episode 4110 (Australia 11th October 2002, UK 9th December 2002)

Released as a single on 11th November, it remains probably her most well known hit.

Doing everything that I believe in
Going by the rules that I've been taught
More understanding of what's around me
And protected from the walls of love

All that you see is me
And all I truly believe

That I was born to try
I've learned to love
Be understanding
And believe in life

But you've got to make choices
Be wrong or right
Sometimes you've got to sacrifice the things you like
But I was born to try

No point in talking what you should have been
And regretting the things that went on
Life's full of mistakes, destinies and fate
Remove the clouds look at the bigger picture