"Don't Bring Me Down" is the ninth and final track on the English rock band the Electric Light Orchestra's May 1979 album Discovery. The single (released in August) was dedicated to the NASA Skylab space station, which re-entered the Earth's atmosphere and burned up over the Indian Ocean and Western Australia on 11 July 1979. It became their second-highest charting hit in the UK and highest-charting hit in the United States to date.

Zoom Tour Live was a one-off concert performed by the Electric Light Orchestra recorded originally for television, later released as a film, mid-June 2001 at CBS Television City in Los Angeles. This song featured Jeff Lynne on lead vocals, and Rosie Vela on backing vocals.


A common misheard lyric in the song is Lynne shouting the word "Bruce!". Lynne has explained that he is singing a made-up word, "Grooss" However after the song's release, so many people had misinterpreted the word as "Bruce" that Lynne began to sing the word as "Bruce" for fun.


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