Thoughts on Jesus's Family via Mary and Joseph

Based on early church records


And those aunties (with Mary Magdalene and Joanna) there on that world-changing Sunday, the day of the resurrection.

There are four accurate accounts, accurate because this is scripture, but with different perspectives — Matthew, who would have heard the ladies account on the Sunday before seeing Jesus Sunday evening, Mark and Luke who heard about it later, and John who raced to the tomb at Mary's words, but again saw nothing before the evening.

So reconciling the four accounts:

Aunt Salome, the one blood relative via Jesus's mother, wife of Zebedee and mother of James and John, comes with Aunt Mary, Joseph's sister-in-law, also with Mary Magdalene and Joanna (probably the one who was the wife of Herod's steward Chuza), they all come along with other ladies to anoint the body early on the Sunday.
They see the empty tomb. Mary (Magdalene) shoots off to tell the disciples. John and Peter come running, though John runs the faster , but they go inside, see nothing and leave.
Then, looking inside, two angels suddenly appear to the ladies who were still there. One tells them the good news, tells them to go and let the disciples know. And Mary, sobbing her eyes out, encounters Jesus, who encourages her not to cling to him at this time but yes, to go and let the disciples know. He then appears to those ladies who were going to see the disciples, and they worship at his feet. But from Mark's account, there is still great fear, they are freaked out, needless to say, still at least some, if not all, go to let the disciples know. Peter runs back to the tomb, goes inside, but again sees nothing and leaves, wondering at it all.
Jesus, in another form, next encounters Cleopas and another man on the way to Emmaus, and sees Peter, and then all the disciples (except Thomas) that evening. Thomas sees Jesus the following Sunday, worshipping him. Lastly, we have the fishing breakfast, Jesus spending time with Peter. Paul recounts that he is also seen by about 500 people at one point, by his step-brother James, by all the apostles, and lastly by Paul .

Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, John 20, 1 Corinthians 15

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