John Lennon Singles/songs (post-Beatles) 1969-1980

Give Peace a Chance
Hippie "Bed-In" in Montreal
Jun 69Jul 69Lyrics
Cold Turkey
Claustrophobic Heroin withdrawal
Sep 69Oct 69Lyrics
Instant Karma!
Phil Spector production
Jan 70Feb 70Lyrics
Mama don't go, daddy come home memories
Sep 70Dec 70Lyrics
Working Class Hero
But you're still f---ing peasants as far as I can see
Sep 70Dec 70Lyrics
Love is real, real is love (more upbeat)
Sep 70Dec 70Lyrics
God is a concept by which we measure our pain (more downbeat)
Sep 70Dec 70Lyrics
Power to the People
Workers Revolution
Jan 71Mar 71Lyrics
Jealous Guy
written in 1968
May 71Oct 71Lyrics
How do you Sleep
Following the publication of Lennon's defamatory remarks about the Beatles in a December 1970 interview with Rolling Stone magazine, McCartney and his wife, Linda, took out full-page advertisements in the music press, in which, as an act of mockery towards Lennon and Yoko Ono, they were shown wearing clown costumes and wrapped up in a bag.
May 71Oct 71Lyrics
His best selling single
May 71Oct 71Lyrics
Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
And so this is Christmas
Oct 71Dec 71Lyrics
Woman is the N----- of the world
most radio stations declined to play the record.
Nov 71Apr 72Lyrics
Whatever Gets You thru the Night
Inspired by Reverend Ike, a famous black evangelist
Jun 74Sep 74Lyrics
Stand By Me
Ben E. King (1961)
1974Mar 75Lyrics
Starting Over
Final single
Aug 80Oct 80Lyrics

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