Ark Hebrew, Greek, Latin, English

Gen 6:14Noah's arkTaybaw (H8392)kibotos (wooden box, vessel G2787)arca (safe storage)
Exo 2:3Moses's ark
  1. First translated as "Leep" by Wycliffe in 1382
  2. "Basket" by Tyndale in 1530
  3. then "Ark" by Coverdale in 1535
Taybawthibin (basket)fiscella (basket)
Exo 25:10ark of the CovenantAwrone (H727 special box or coffin)kibotosarca (safety box, private, secret)

Some further notes on the English word "ark"

  1. The Greek words for "Beginning" and "Old time" are "Arkhe" see verses similar to the prefix "Arch-" meaning "Chief" in English.
  2. In Hebrew, the word "arak" means "length", "long", or "prolong".
  3. In Hebrew, a closely associated word to "aron" meaning "ark" of the covenant, was "Aaron", spelt "A-haron" Chief priest, and ancestor of all the Jewish priests. Buried on a mountain (high hill), i.e. "Har" in Hebrew, when he died. See too the Hebrew words "Hara and Harar" meaning "wrath", "kindle" and "burned".

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