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Performances on

Saturday 8th July 2006 at 6.00pm and 8.00pm

Sunday 9th July 2006 at 2.00pm and 4.00pm


Redcliffe Cultural Centre

Irene Street, Redcliffe



In the city of enchantment, Princess Jasmine feels imprisoned by her father’s demand that she must marry. One day she escapes to see the world outside of the palace walls. Here she meets Aladdin, a young man who feels just as imprisoned by his poverty.  They instantly fall for each other.  When Aladdin is arrested by the Sultan’s guard on charges of theft, he is placed in a cave, rather than a jail cell. Here he meets a genie, who helps make his wildest dreams come true!


The DirectorJack Bradford
Music DirectorDebbie Bradford
ChoreographyGeorge Canham
Assistant to the DirectorEmily Tomson
Assistant to the ChoreographerDeborah Marler
Production AssistantLydia Varnier
Music AssistantGlenda Whittred
CostumesGeena Luckin     Jemma Whittred
Robyn Hogan     Nicole Hogan
Stage Set & DesignGeoff Samuels  Narelle Samuels
U.U. Sheraton   Sarah Flynn
Daisy Chan        Michael Chan
Stage ManagerAerlyn James
Sound DeskNeil Moodie
Spot LightIan Hussey
CanteenRoslyn Mathieson
Frank Mathieson
Shivani Vishvakarman
AdministrationKylie Harrison


Disney’s Aladdin at BJT has been an incredible ride from beginning to end.  The excitement generated by this production was great from the very start and we had some very talented people come out for this play.  I would like to thank all cast and crew of Aladdin for all your hard work, particularly George Canhan and Debbie Bradford for your creative genius.  Geoff Samuels and Geena Luckin and their set and costume teams also deserve kudos for their brilliant work making Aladdin shine on stage.  Thank you also to Emily and Aerlyn for your personal assistance on stage, Kylie, Lydia and Roz in Admin and the Canteen have been great all week meeting needs great and small.  Thank you also to all the volunteer parents working this week behind the scenes and to our kids who have been little professional performers all week long.  It is my hope each and every audience member takes home the meaning of Aladdin; achieving hopes and dreams beyond your imagination.

Jack Bradford

AladdinJesse BradfordSam Netterfield
JasmineChantelle Hope Hodgetts Rebecca Del Valle
GenieMartin IngleGrant Buse
IagoHannah CliffElisha Wilson
JafarZachary BradfordDryden Bingham
RazoulCaden SamuelsDavid Canham
Magic CarpetRachel Woodhead
Hannah Barr
Jade Van Abkoude
Sarah Graham
AbuPippa HerlaarCaleb Sheraton
Guard 1Aaron HoganReilly Brown
Guard 2Josh HallMatterson Knyvett
Dancing GuardsJordon Varnier
Bailey Harrison
Samuel Canham
Regan Samuels
Extra GuardsLachlan Butler
Emmanuel Hamed
Nicholas Moodie
Lucas Kent
Caleb Sheraton
Caleb Sheraton
NarratorsEden Young
Luarna Bromley
Taryn Samuels
Rosie Odsey
Timothy Nelson
Natasha Walker
Hannah Cocker
Katie Faulkner
Melissa Luckin
Tammy Mathieson
Prince Baba of GanoushGrant BuseZac Bradford
AttendantsHeidi Chan
Alice Flynn
Heidi Chan
Alice Flynn
Prince Dahdu Rahn-RahnMichael WhittredAaron Hogan
AttendantsRenee Faulkner
Chelsea Keim
Renee Faulkner
Chelsea Keim
Prince Formerly Known As…Dryden BinghamMartin Ingle
AttendantsElize Van Rooyen
Kirsten Yeo
Elize Van Rooyen
Kirsten Yeo
SultanJacob BradfordMichael Whittred
Mini AladdinRegan SamuelsBailey Harrison
Mini JasmineParis VarnierEve Sheraton
ThiefStephen MoodieCohben Pettrup
TownspersonHeidi ChanKarina Stevens
Harem Dancers (All shows)Casey Brown     Tara Kennedy     Taryn Samuels
Holly Marler     Luarna Bromley     Paris Varnier
Zoe Smith     Alanna Pacholke     Emma Linde
Ingrid Potgieter     Maddison Joyce     Rosemary Ingle
Georgiana Berthaly-Martyn     Macarra Berthaly-Martyn
Janaki Vishvakarman
MatronAmy WilliamsonAmy Williamson
Solo 1Ebony GarveyEbony Garvey
Solo 2 Ellen RileyOlivia Hussey
Solo 3 Eleisha HolmesSarah Whitmore
ButcherKahla GyntherKahla Gynther
Grocer Kate SmithKate Smith
Baker  Timothy ChardTimothy Chard
Townspeople (All Shows)Lucy Bawden     Tegan Hall     Anastasia Hall
Andrew Hall     Emma Hayes     Meg Herlaar
Jo Kelly-Fenton     Petra Kent     Elissa Kent
Alanna Moodie     Kelly Rattray     Amy Rattray
Hilda Van Rooyen.





























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