Starlight Lyrics

by Richie Furay.

Oooo starlight, starbright
First star I see tonight
Will you be the one who holds
All of the love of my life

When morning's come good morning sun
You've outlasted everyone
And I can see what you mean to me in what you've done

Oooo ooo you're always there
To let me know that you care
And ooo ooo it's a wonder that you
Could have so much to share
Time's gettin' on and I'm homeward bound
And I've got to let you know what I've found
I'm a singer of songs and I know they belong
To you
All the time every day I'm going all the way
You couldn't get me to stay
Everyone sees the sun--but hey--
Ooo my---to touch the sky.

** End of Song