According to Mandy Stefanakis, Director of Music at Christ Church Grammar School in Melbourne, the lyrics in the chorus about being In the middle of a dream relate to two main ideas: "I'm dreaming if I thought my friends would rush to my defence ... he has been betrayed by those he felt would be loyal..." and "Reality check. Let down by chick? Double whammy. Let down by friends".

The next part I lost my shirt relates to "a level of personal irresponsibility" and links with the rest of the line I pawned my rings where "[r]ings are symbols of love, family, togetherness and eternity ... he has sold all this. He has nothing". Stefanakis states that Kelly's "writing draws on known sayings, metaphors and platitudes and gives them a bit of a twist! It's humorous, but it's also poignant".


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