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Subject: And they shall come from the East etc - some thoughts :-)

Updated January 2020 and October 2021

Hi all

Many of us know the verse from Luke 13:29

And they shall come from the east, and from the west, and from the north, and from the south, and shall sit down in the kingdom of God.

East (from the Sunrise): Southern Iraq (Babylon), and Persia and the Orient, i.e. India and China and Philippines and perhaps Indonesia.

West (from the Sunset): Macedonia and Greece and France and Rome and Spain and England and Ireland and Northern America.

North (Left Hand, Hidden, Tricky): Assyria ("Fortunate" land), Syria and Russia and Mongolia and Turkey and Slavic countries and perhaps Netherlands and Germany and Austria-Hungary and Japan.

South (Right Hand, Noticed, Hot): Egypt and most of Africa + perhaps Southern America and Australasia.

Just been reflecting on those "compass" positions, I've shared some of this before, but its the order of the words, that are somewhat poetic in their original meanings:

So, East is Ostar(in German), Eos and Anatello(in Greek), Oriens(in Latin) all referring to the Place of the Sunrise.

West is West(in German), Vespers(in Old English) from "Hesperos" which refers to the Evening (Star) i.e. Venus.
In Latin the word is Occidens, In Greek Dusmé from Dúno - i.e. Going "Down" as opposed to Oriens - Going "up".

FYI, according to this link Venus was the morning star in the latter half of 2020, but since August 2021 it has become the evening star, shining brightly after sunset. See below for more detail.

South, Sud(in German) reflects the Sun's path during the day, when viewing it from the Northern Hemisphere above the tropics. In Latin, Auster and Australis were the Latin words for the Burning southern winds ("Notos" in the Greek) that came from that direction, from the "Sun's path".

North is "Borras"(in Greek). This word is less clear, but it's thought to be related to Be-"Neath", the Hidden Place on the Left as you face the sunrise. And in many languages, that word for "left" does reflect weakness and lameness, but it was also a well-named place - for accessing judgment and justice ("euonumos" - in Greek). Then on the other hand, we have the "right" hand, a hotter place, meaning a little bit more able to do things. Interestingly, the Modern Hebrew word for "conscience" is מַצְפּוּן (mits-poon), seen in Obadiah 1:6 i.e. Esau's hidden treasures. When Modern Hebrew created a word for the physical object called a "compass" – מַצְפֵּן , of the root צ.פ.נ (ts.p.n tsaphan) meaning "north" (H6828) and "hidden" (H6825) – it employed the same root to create a term for the non-physical entity that guides people towards their destiny, whether good or bad.

So, carefully,

And they shall come from the lands of the sunrise, and from the lands of the sunset, and from the hidden places on the left, and from the hot places on the right (includes Terra Australis ), and shall sit down in the kingdom of God.

Blessings all  Steve

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From earliest days, Venus was known to align at dawn about the same month once every eight years, changing from an "evening star" to a "morning star" and back again five times during that period. We now know it travels around the sun in 225 days, thus "chasing" the earth and "passing" on the near side of the earth in relation to the sun once every 584 days.

So since 2008

Apr 2008: Passes the Far Side of the Sun, & invisible for four months, reappears at dusk in Aug 2008 as an Evening Star

Mar 2009: Near Side at Dusk
Apr 2009: Near Side at Dawn and back to a Morning Star
Nov 2009: Far Side
Oct 2010: Near Side at Dusk
Nov 2010: Near Side at Dawn
Jul 2011: Far Side
Jun 2012: Near Side at Dusk
Jul 2012: Near Side at Dawn
Mar 2013: Far Side
Jan 2014: Near Side at Dusk
Feb 2014: Near Side at Dawn
Sep 2014: Far Side
Aug 2015: Near Side at Dusk
Sep 2015: Near Side at Dawn

Restart the Cycle as it was in Apr 2008

Apr 2016: Passes the Far Side of the Sun, & invisible for four months, reappears at dusk in Aug 2016 as an Evening Star

Mar 2017: Near Side at Dusk
Apr 2017: Near Side at Dawn and back to a Morning Star, etc

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