Electric Vehicles and Total Motor Vehicles Sales and Stats

Total Motor Vehicles on the road in Australia

19 million (with about 74½% petrol-based passenger cars and about 23½% diesel-based commercial vehicles)

New Car Sales
According to this blog, between 1985-2004 it ranged between 695,000 in 1985 to 955,000 in 2004. Since 2005 sales have been about 1 million every year, although they dropped to 890,000 in 2020 due to COVID. According to Wikipedia, the top three best-seller models have been Toyota HiLux, Ford Ranger, and Toyota Corolla.

All car manufacturing in Australia has now ended: Ford 1925-2016, General Motors-Holden 1931-2017, Chrysler (Mitsubishi) 1951-2008, British Leyland 1954-1983, Volkswagen (Nissan) 1954-1992 and Toyota 1963-2017.

Truck manufacturing in Australia continues strongly with three companies: US based Paccar (Kenworth Trucks) in Bayswater Melbourne, Italy based Iveco in Dandenong Melbourne, and Sweden based Volvo Trucks (including US Mack Trucks) since 1972 in Wacol Brisbane.

Electric Vehicle Sales Australia

2011     49
2012    253
2013    293
2014   1322
2015   1771
2016   1369
2017   2284 
2018   2700 (estimate)
2019   5000 (estimate)
2020   6900
2021  20665
2022  30000 i.e. 33410 total sales adjusted by EVs taken off road
2023  90000

Total 162500 (possibly 170,000 +) currently on road in 2024

Electric Vehicle Sales 2022

According to a report from RACV, Tesla sold 19,594 units in 2022 with the Model Y SUV in the second half of the year delivering 8,717 sales, and the Model 3 for the year selling 10,877 units.

Electric Vehicle Sales 2021
According to a report from the Electric Vehicle Council (EVC), the most popular electric car by far in Australia in 2021 was the Tesla Model 3, selling 12,094 units, or 58.5 per cent of all EVs sold. It was followed by the MG ZS with 1,388 and the Mitsubishi Outlander with 592.
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Tesla's factories are based in the US, Netherlands, Germany, China and Canada. Prior to 2021, all its vehicles were shipped to Australia from Fremont, California, but since 2021, Shanghai, China.

Tesla Statistics State by State in 2021

In this report from drive.com.au, NSW led the Tesla numbers (3600 registered last year, 7200 to date), ahead of Victoria (2900 last year, 5900 to date), and Queensland (2950 last year, 5000 to date).
Canberra saw 460 Tesla cars registered over the past 12 months (for a total of 820), 20 in the Northern Territory (for a total of just under 40), 430 in South Australia (for a total of 770), 1490 in Western Australia (for a total of 2110), and 125 in Tasmania (for a total of 230).
Note, these figures have been rounded. It brought the total number of Tesla cars on the nation's roads to 22,070.

Tesla Statistics from Earlier Years

Prior to 2021 Tesla refused to report its yearly figures. But by scraping data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 97 Teslas sold in 2015, 244 in 2016, almost 400 in 2017, and an estimate of over 3000 in 2020.

In 2018, Tesla Australia reported a drop of 26% in sales revenue (without specifying units), from $169 million in 2017 to $125 million in 2018. In contrast their revenue from energy generation and storage services (Powerwall 2 for home use and Powerpack for commercial use) rose nearly tenfold to $201.8 million from $22.16 million.


Motor Vehicles Worldwide on the road

1.285 billion (950 million passenger cars and 335 million commercial vehicles)
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Motor Vehicles Worldwide Annual Sales

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In 2017, this report estimated about 96 million vehicles.
In 2020, it estimated that this decreased to about 63 million, due to COVID.

Worldwide Electric Vehicle Sales (combining all years)

Cumulative global sales passed 20 million units in May 2022.

Click here for Statistics by Country, with main ones being China on top (by far) with 10 million, US next with over 2 million (half of them in California), Germany third on 1 million, France 780,000, UK 745,000, Norway 650,000, Netherlands 400,000, Sweden 360,000, Japan 340,000, Canada 300,000.
Inside China, Tesla is currently the third most popular electric car in sales.

Worldwide Hybrid Electric Vehicle Sales

According to a report in Wikipedia from Toyota Europe, in January 2020 market leader Toyota passed the milestone of more than 15 million hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) sales worldwide since the Prius was launched in 1997.

Sales worldwide of hybrid electric vehicles in 2020 were 17 million. Annual sales are currently between one and two million.


In Australia, hybrid sales by Toyota reached 100,000 in April 2019, and the 200,000 milestone in June 2021.

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