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Subject: Looking at Mt Sinai and Sharia law - some thoughts :-)

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Just reading a comment in Wikipedia about Mt Sinai

According to Rabbinic tradition, the name "Sinai" derives from sin-ah, meaning hatred, in reference to the other nations hating the Jews out of jealousy, due to the Jews being the ones to receive the word of God.
Click here re those verses.

Well, as Paul said in Galatians 4:24, when speaking about how "legalists" in fact hate Christ-followers,
"Sinai is (actually) a covenant engendering bondage, it is an allegory, it is Hagar, Abraham's second wife."
But why then was Sinai's law given - well, it's because we all "overstep" the mark, then, generally, get "hooked" as a result. Only God's tolerance and mercy keeps people alive.

Click here for Sin or Suen, a word that seems to be doubtless related to that word Sinai, hatred of man's sin, personified as the moon-god, god of the night, laws that demand total worship (else bringing total judgment), via priests in cities in Babylon, in Assyria, in South Arabia. Yes, today, doubtless morphed into "Sharia" law.

So, as believers, where indeed do we stand, by living in Christ's law, with his "yoke".
Well, very prayerfully, carefully, just updated that "Fellowship" page. Copy below.

That Fellowship Issue — Good old 1 Corinthians :-)

Hi all

Just been reflecting on those Greek words in Paul's word in 1 Corinthians 5:11, those outside "New Jerusalem" in Revelation 22:15, not to fellowship with people who "name themselves as brothers" but are in fact hooked on

  1. Having Sex and Getting Drunk - Lusts of the flesh

    Sinning against the Body

    Fornication: A lifestyle that involves itself in "packing up" and "shacking up" — not that genuine man/woman contract thing, that "till death us do part" thing, what has been called in the past — "marriage", , instead, sinning against the temple that God has given us.

  2. Sinning against the Mind (your Memory Network)

    Drunkenness: Hooked on intoxicants (or drugs i.e. sorcery or "pharmakos" in Rev 22:15) and thus becoming a "public nuisance". While excess alcohol doesn't destroy the neurons in your brain, it will damage their endings, corrupting their capacity to send their messages correctly.

    Desiring and Worshiping, but actually withered and dry - Lusts of the eyes
    Sins of the Heart (your Reasoning Network)

  3. Covetousness: Regardless of what you have, your worldview is wanting to have "more". Spoken of as "Dogs" in Rev 22:15 i.e. scavengers and gluttons.
  4. Idolatry: to be stuck on "hugging the cactus" — to be providing worship-service and offerings to material man-made creations (but in fact to demons).

    Bullying and Belittling others, Big Man on Campus - Pride of life
    Sins of the Self (your Verbal and Social Network)

  5. Extortion/Swindling: A lifestyle that involves taking possessions / money from people by intimidation and force, fear, trickery, even death. Spoken of as "Murderers" in Rev 22:15
  6. Railing/Reviling: belittling and humiliating people, to be hooked on "mischief making", damaging people. All who love and make a lie in Rev 22:15

As Paul says in the previous verse, this doesn't apply to you not being free to mingle with people like this in your day to day activities, otherwise you'd have to leave the world, the cosmos altogether.

Rather, it's with respect to those who name themselves as having become a "brother" (or "sister") who still insist on living like this, Paul's word was "don't mingle", don't have meals with them, it does screw up your witness with others, and the fact that these people are "self-condemned".

And as far as everyone else is concerned, then just don't judge, that's not our place, that's God's job. Just love them, deal with them wisely, best you can.

1 Corinthians 13 principles. Hallelujah.

Blessings all Steve