First Four Seals
4000 BC
First Seal
White Horse:
The Word of God
2000 BC
Second seal
Red Horse:
of earthly kingdoms
500 BC
Third seal
Black Horse:
of trade & inflation
500 AD
Fourth seal
Pale Horse:
of Death & Hell in ¼ of earth
Living Creature
Man's Face
Flying Eagle
Age of the Lord
Start of His House and His Love
Age of the Military
Ancient Hinduism / Caste Slaves / Armies /
Sadducees — Living as physically "righteous"
Age of the Trader
Buddhism / Greeks / Self Empower / Evolving /
Pharisees — Living as "separated"
Age of the Destroyer
Death and Hell(Satan)
Muslim Terrorist Mastery opposed to all others
Jews (so called)
Herodians — Living as "heroes"
Spirit renewed
1 Peter 3:1-7
Ecclesiastes 3:11-22
Acts 10:34-35
Song of Songs
1 Corinthians 15:35-49
Body and Mind
Heart and Soul
Spirit whitewashed
Jesus in the Wilderness
  Bread for the Body Self-Aware / cast yourself down invulnerability Lofty imagination fulfilled, but first fall and worship the adversary
Sowing Seed
Finding a People who bear Fruit Stony ground-tribulation Thorns Wayside
James 3:15
  Earthly Sensual Devilish
1 John 2:16
  Despair and Sadness
the Lusts of the Flesh — Fornication, Drunkenness
vs The Joy that comes from Confidence and Faith (working through love)
Disinterest outside of Me
the Lusts of the Eyes — Covetousness, Idolatry
vs Building Interest in God and in your Neighbours (Honour, Patience, Love 1cor13)
Fear of missing out
Boasting of Possessions — Swindling, Belittling
vs Good Desire i.e. having Expectation and Hope
Book of Common Prayer
  The Flesh The World The Devil
Job's Three (miserable) Aged Comforters vs Youth
Elihu-Childlike Faith
Job 33:2-7
Job 8:8-10
Personal Experiences
Job 4:12-21
Backward Deconstruction of Narratives
Job 11:6
Today's atheistic faith in
  Nazism Fascism
Patriotic Number
1 Chronicles 21
Communism Marxism
Monetary Strength
Luke 16
Inward Knowledge Nihilism
2 Timothy 4:3-4

Fifth seal. 1500 AD Martyrs cry How Long? A "new world" is slowly dawning & the Isaiah 60 prophecy.
Community-empowered (as opposed to privately-sponsored) schooling appears, training children up in the scriptures, arts and the law. Starts in Scotland (in 1496), spreads to Strasbourg and other German cities (in the 1500s), Massachusetts in the USA (in the 1600s), Prussia, Austria-Hungary, and Bohemia (in the 1700s), the rest of Europe and America, Australia and Japan (in the 1800s), Russia, China, and Muslim countries (in the 1900s) and finally all of India (in 2010) .

Sixth seal. 2000 AD The whole world starts to focus (in fear) on the sky. Get ready.