Genealogy Jesus back to God

His Human Ancestry

Luke 3:23-38
77. Jesus born circa 2 BC Click here for details
76. Joseph Joseph's son via adoption
75. Heli Heli's son via marriage (Mary)
74. Matthat
73. Levi
72. Melchi
71. Janna
70. Joseph
69. Mattathias
68. Amos
67. Nahum
66. Esli
65. Naggai
64. Maath
63. Mattathias
62. Semei
61. Joseph
60. Judah
59. Joannes
58. Rhesa
57. Zerubbabel recorded in 1 Chronicles 3:19 as the son of Pedaiah, Shealtiel's brother. Zerubbabel is thought to have become Shealtiel's son and heir with Shealtiel dying without an heir
56. Shealtiel (or Salathiel) is recorded in 1 Chronicles 3:17 as the son of Jeconiah. Shealtiel is thought to have been the closest relative of Jeconiah and his royal heir after the Lord declared Jeconiah, a "broken pot" would die childless ("bare"). See Jeremiah 22:30 (and Genesis 15:2)
55. Neri
54. Melchi
53. Addi
52. Cosam
51. Elmodam
50. Er
49. Joses
48. Eliezer
47. Jorim
46. Matthat
45. Levi
44. Simeon
43. Judah
42. Joseph
41. Jonan
40. Eliakim
39. Melea
38. Menam
37. Mattatha
36. Nathan
35. David 1005BC - 935BC (Jesse's youngest son)
34. Jesse born possibly around 1125 BC
33. Obed
Obed's birth to a young mother, Ruth — and definitely an aged father, Boaz, possibly around 1245 BC — was much celebrated.
32. Boaz
Boaz was the son of Rahab, born possibly around 1405 BC, and married Ruth as an aged man a bit like Abraham who had married Keturah as an aged man and then had 6 more children to her. Genesis 25:1-2
31. Salmon
Salmon married Rahab, thought to have been the harlot (a young harlot) who had rescued the spies sent by Joshua to Jericho in 1465 BC
30. Nahshon
29. Amminadab

The early Codex Sinaiticus script used in the NLT and the ESV and some other modern translations includes an additional name Admin between Aram (which it renames as Arni) and Amminadab. If it's not a typo, if Admin was a real character, he still makes Jesus the 77th generation but this list needs to start with Adam (instead of God) as generation 1. That's fine, Jesus as we know is both son of man and son of God.

28. Aram
27. Hezron
Hezron was born around 1721 BC and went into Egypt (Jacob's great-grandson).
26. Pharez
Pharez was born around 1734 BC (Jacob's grandson).
25. Judah born around 1762 BC
24. Jacob born 1850BC - 1703BC
23. Isaac 1910BC - 1730BC
22. Abraham 2010BC - 1835BC
21. Terah 2140BC - 1935BC
20. Nahor 2169BC - 2021BC
19. Serug 2199BC - 1969BC
18. Reu 2231BC - 1992BC
17. Peleg 2261BC - 2022BC
16. Eber 2295BC - 1831BC
15. Salah 2325BC - 1892BC
14. Cainan
Cainan is not mentioned in Genesis, although he must have been part of the public records. According to the Book of Jubilees, he revived the condemned arts of astrology and was presumably cast out. His son Salah was raised by his grandfather Arphaxad who was only 35 at the time of Salah's birth. See Ruth 4:17, where Obed is called the son of Naomi though he was really her grandson, her sons having previously died.
13. Arphaxad 2360BC - 1922BC
12. Shem 2460BC - 1860BC
11. Noah 2962BC - 2012BC
10. Lamech 3144BC - 2367BC
9. Methuselah 3331BC - 2362BC
8. Enoch 3396BC - 3031BC
7. Jared 3558BC - 2596BC
6. Mahalaleel 3623BC - 2728BC
5. Cainan 3693BC - 2783BC
4. Enos 3783BC - 2878BC
3. Seth 3888BC - 2976BC
2. Adam 4018BC - 3088BC
1. God.


With respect to the four generations Levi to Moses, the names are recorded in Exodus 6.
25. Levi born around 1763 BC and lived 137 years, but dying before Moses was born.
26. Kohath who lived 133 years.
27. Amram who married Jochebed and had at least three children, Moses and his older brother and sister, Aaron and Miriam. Amram lived 137 years.
28. Moses born around 1585 BC and lived 120 years.

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