Hudson Taylor's Timeline

Hudson Taylor (1832-1905) ministered in China for 27 years over a 51 year period 1854-1905, making 11 trips. Married twice. Sadly, his first wife, and many of his children died. On his 11th trip, just after his second wife died, he was in China just one month when he died at the age of 73. He was buried next to his first wife next to the Yangtze River.

1854-1860 Trip One. Six Years. In Shanghai from 1854-1855. In Ningbo from 1856-1860, 200 kms south of Shanghai on the Yangtze River. Arrived as an agent of the Chinese Evangelisation Society. Resigned in June 1857 in Ningbo and started the Ningbo Mission. Married Maria Jane Dyer in January 1858 in Presbyterian Compound. Grace born 1859. Undertook charge of William Parker's hospital with Maria, September 1859.

1860-1866 London. Sailed to England (via the Cape of Good Hope) on furlough aboard the Jubliee with Maria, Grace and Wang Laijun, 19 July 1860 in Shanghai. The Jubliee arrived 20 November 1860 in Gravesend, England. Settled 20 November 1860 in 63 Westbourne Grove, Bayswater, London. Completed the revision of a version of the New Testament in the colloquial of Ningbo for the British and Foreign Bible Society 1860–1865.

1866-1871 Trip Two. Five Years. Sailed to China (via the Cape of Good Hope) aboard the Lammermuir with Maria and four children, 26 May 1866 in East India Docks, London. Arrived aboard the Lammermuir 29 September 1866 in Shanghai, China. Settled with the Lammermuir Party, December 1866 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 150 kms west of Ningbo. One daughter and two sons died, then Maria died in July 1870.

1871-1872 Sailed to Marseilles on furlough via Saigon, Ceylon, Aden, Suez aboard the MM Ava after 5 August 1871 in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. Arrived in England 25 September 1871 from Marseilles, France (via Paris to London).
Married to Jane Elizabeth Faulding, 28 November 1871 in Regent's Park Chapel, London
Moved 15 January 1872 to 6 Pyrland Road, Islington, London

1872-1874 Trip Three. Two Years. Sailed to China aboard the M M Tigre with Jennie, 9 October 1872 from Marseilles, France (via Paris from London). M M Tigre arrived 28 November 1872 in Shanghai, China. Two children born in Nanjing, Jiangsu, 300 kms west of Shanghai. Fell from steps in a river boat and hurt spine May 1874 in China

1874-1876 Sailed to England on furlough with Jennie, 30 August 1874. Arrived 15 October 1874 in England. Paralyzed during winter 1874–75 in London. Two children born.

1876-1877 Trip Four. One Year. Sailed to China 8 September 1876. Arrived 22 October 1876 in China. General Missionary Conference 10 May 1877 in Shanghai, China
Sailed to England 9 November 1877. Arrived 20 December 1877 in England

1879-1883 Trip Five. Four Years. Sailed to China 24 February 1879. Arrived 22 April 1879 in China. First visit August 1880 to Guangxin River, Jiangxi in the south.
Left for England 6 February 1883 in Yantai (Chefoo), about 900 kms north of Shanghai. Sailed to England on furlough 10 February 1883. Arrived 27 March 1883 in England

1885-1887 Trip Six. Two Years. Sailed to China 20 January 1885. Arrived 3 March 1885 in China. Second visit May 1886 to Guangxin River, Jiangxi. Pastor Hsi set apart 5 August 1886 in Shanxi in northern China. First meeting of China Council, Appeal for "The Hundred missionaries" 13 November 1886 in China.

1887-1888 In England and USA
Sailed to England 9 January 1887. Arrived 18 February 1887 in England. Addressed the Keswick Convention in February. Sailed to US aboard the RMS Etruria 23 June 1888. Arrived 1 July 1888 in New York City, attended Niagara Bible Conference and crossed the continent on the Canadian Pacific Railway. Returned to China.

1888-1889 Trip Seven. One Year. Sailed to China from Vancouver, Canada via Yokohama, Japan 5 October 1888. Arrived 30 October 1888 in Shanghai, China. Sailed to England via France 12 April 1889.

1889-1890 In England and USA
Arrived in England 21 May 1889. Arrived 6 July 1889 in New York City. Sailed to England 17 August 1889. Arrived 24 August 1889 in England. In October 1889, heard the command "To Every Creature" in London: World invisible.

1890-1892 Trip Eight. Two Years. Sailed to China 17 March 1890 in Shanghai, China. Arrived 27 April 1890 in Shanghai, China. Preached opening sermon at General Missionary Conference 7 May 1890 in Shanghai, China. Sailed to Australia 26 August 1890. Sailed to China 20 November 1890. Arrived 21 December 1890 in Shanghai, China.

1892-1894 Mainly in England following two months in Canada. Arrived with Jennie, March 1892, in Vancouver. Sailed to England with Jennie, 10 May 1892. Arrived with Jennie, 26 July 1892 in England. Addressed the Keswick Convention 1893 in Keswick, England. "Union and Communion" published 1893 in England. "A Retrospect" autobiography published 1894 in England. Provided testimony to the Royal Commission on Opium as an opponent of the trade. Sailed to US aboard the RMS Germanic with Jennie, 14 February 1894 in Liverpool and Queenstown, England. Arrived aboard the RMS Germanic with Jennie, 24 February 1894 in Ellis Island, New York. Spoke at Students' Conference in Detroit, Michigan.

1894-1896 Trip Nine. 2 years. Arrived with Jennie, 17 April 1894 in Shanghai, China
Sailed aboard the Oceania (M. M. Oceanien?) with Jennie, 2 May 1896.

1896-1898 Arrived 17 June 1896 in England. Addressed the Keswick Convention.
Daughter Maria Hudson Taylor died the following year 28 September 1897 in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China. Sailed to US with Jennie, 24 November 1897. Arrived with Jennie, 18 December 1897 in US. Separation and Service published 1898 in England

1898-1899 Trip Ten. 20 months. Arrived with Jennie, 15 January 1898 in Shanghai, China. A Ribband of Blue, and other Bible Studies published 1899 in England. Conference, 16 January 1899 in Chongqing, Sichuan, China. Attended China Council meetings 28 June 1899 in Shanghai. Sailed to Australia, New Zealand, and US with Jennie, 25 September 1899. 

1900 Ready to Retire in Davos Switzerland. Arrived, 5 April 1900 in San Francisco, US. Addressed the Ecumenical Missions Conference after 5 April 1900 in Carnegie Hall, New York City. Sailed to England from US with Jennie as the Boxer Uprising was beginning in China, 9 June 1900. Arrived, 19 June 1900 in England. Retired with Jennie, after 19 June 1900 in Davos, Switzerland. Resigned as Director of the China Inland Mission November 1902. Jane Elizabeth "Jennie" Faulding died 1904 in Les Chevalleyres, Switzerland

His wife, Jennie, died of cancer in 31 July 1904 in Les Chevalleyres, Switzerland, and in 1905, Taylor returned to China for the eleventh and final time. Sailed to US (New York City) aboard the RMS Baltic 15 February 1905 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Arrived aboard the RMS Baltic March 1905 in New York City. Sailed to China from San Francisco, 23 March 1905. Arrived 17 April 1905 in Shanghai, China. There he visited Yangzhou and Zhenjiang and other cities, before dying suddenly on 3rd June 1905 while reading at home in Changsha. He was buried next to his first wife, Maria, in Zhenjiang, in the small English Cemetery near the Yangtze River.

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