Image, Likeness, and the word "Not"
Genesis 1:26

Let us make ADM in our "image" צֶלֶם Tselem in Hebrew (Ts L M) based on צֵל Tsel translated as "shade" in Psalm 121:5 and "shadow" in Genesis 19:8

Further Thoughts on "image"
Ts Zadok (righteousness "spirit") Lamed (Cattle Prod "body") Mayim (Waters, word, "soul")

see also tsela (meaning "curved, limped") and etsem (minus the "L", meaning "bone, selfsame, mighty")

Let's keep going

according to our

Likeness דְּמוּת D-m-oo-th (Blood Dam linking to that 22nd "th" letter, God's final say on everything)

Genesis 1:26 translated in Latin as "ad imaginem et similitudinem nostram"

and in Greek as kata (according to) eikona (icon) hemeteros (our) homoiosis (sameness) (homos somhos "same")


Looking further at "L", "Lamad", and the word "Not"

Derivation- from the characters *ne- an ancient word for No, Not, Nought, Naughty.

First seen in Genesis 2:5 when God had "not" caused it to rain upon the earth
In Hebrew, the word for "not" is לֹא Lo (a Cattle Prod). The Hebrew word for Night is לַיִל Lah-yil a double "L", Loose it, Lose it, Lost, English words that derive from an ancient term *leu- a Proto-Indo-European root meaning "to loosen, divide, cut apart."

forming all or part of: absolute; absolution; absolve; analysis; analytic; catalysis; catalyst; catalytic; dialysis; dissolve; electrolysis; electrolyte; forlorn; Hippolytus; hydrolysis; -less; loess; loose; lorn; lose; loss; Lysander; lysergic; lysis; -lysis; lyso-; lysol; lytic; -lytic; palsy; paralysis; pyrolusite; resolute; resolution; resolve; soluble; solute; solution; solve; solvent.
It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Sanskrit lunati "cuts, cuts off," lavitram "sickle;" Greek lyein "to loosen, untie, slacken," lysus "a loosening;" Latin luere "to loose, release, atone for, expiate;" Old Norse lauss "loose, free, unencumbered; vacant; dissolute;" Old English losian "be lost, perish."

Check out too Genesis 1:5 "and the darkness (Hebrew "Hoshek" Greek "skotos") meaning "obscurity", He called Night

Greek word for Night is Nyx, Nukta Latin word is Nox, Noctem

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