Jack Bradford Biography

Jack Bradford at 57 has three degrees in Theatre and over 80 productions under his belt. Jack has won awards in Acting and Directing and has taught theatre part-time at the university level for nearly seven years. Jack is the founder of Brisbane Junior Theatre — now in its 17th year — where he has directed 59 productions of Broadway musicals for kids. Jack played Jean Valjean in Les Mis at both Savoyards and Ignatians to critical acclaim, then launched Starlight Theatre in April 2006 with his co-production of the Queensland premiere of "Rent" at Qld University's Schonell Theatre. In 2007 plans emerged for Starlight's and Brisbane Junior Theatre's development of a new theatre space Centre Stage Theatre at 25 Quarry Street Spring Hill Qld 4000 a cooperative not-for-profit theatre company. The first season of eight productions then opened in 2008 consisting of 4 classic plays, 2 contemporary classics and 2 musicals.

Jack lives with Debbie, his wife of 30 years and his three boys Zac 29, Jacob 26 and Jesse 24. Jack works full time in his Brisbane arts-based performance and training career, developing projects, productions and the children's theatre and is looking forward to greater challenges.

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