Jack Bradford's Family

Debbie Bradford has been married to Jack for 30 years and is a mother of 3: Zachary 29, Jacob 26 and Jesse 24. Debbie finished her degree in Jazz piano from the Queensland Conservatorium in 2003 and continues to play and sing Jazz and contemporary music around Brisbane and beyond through several groups. Debbie also loves to teach others through her love for music. She has developed a thriving and successful music studio where she majors in training voice and contemporary music skills to children and adults alike. Debbie is aiming for more recording and playing with son Zac as he continues his University studies. Debbie continues to lead the music direction at Brisbane Jr. Theatre now in it's seventeenth season.

Zachary Bradford, who turned 29 in May this year, already has a long and illustrious career with over twenty theatrical leading and supporting roles with 5 different theatre companies here in Brisbane. Zac's love for Jazz music was realized as he began his study at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music in 2006 studying Jazz voice and guitar. Zac has also studied guitar with Peter Howlett and Jamie Clark. Zac has been featured at the Toowoomba Gospel Music Festival since Easter 06, playing at the cafe on Good Friday. Zac loves playing gigs with several different groups and wants to continue to play as well as teach guitar in his budding studio.

Jacob Bradford at 26, completed grade 12 at Northside Christian College. Jacob, in his love for theatre, has nearly twenty leading roles including "Oliver" at Harvest Rain Theatre Company, as well as winning several Toby awards through Brisbane Jr. Theatre productions under his belt. Jacob has studied voice with Irene Bartlett and Cindy F. from the Queensland Conservatorium and wants to continue his singing and theatre career in the future.

Jesse Bradford is also involved in performing for Brisbane Junior Theatre, playing leading and supporting roles from an early age. At 24, Jesse's phenomenal voice has also won talent quest competitions. Jesse is also a talented athlete, playing basketball for the Shorncliffe Sharks and loving the challenge of teamwork and competition. Jesse also loves playing video games and watching comedy as he plays board games with his family.

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