World Leaders 11th August 2019

CountriesLeader and their Current Age
GermanyAngela Merkel Chancellor 65

Click here for some of its history

FranceEmmanuel Macron President 41
(wife Brigitte 66)

Click here for some notes on France since 1789

ItalyGiuseppe Conte PM (since 1 Jun 2018) 55

Click here for some notes on Sicily and Naples in the south

UKBoris Johnson PM (since 24 Jul 2019) 55
succeeding Theresa May PM 62

Click here for some of England's history

CanadaJustin Trudeau PM 47

Click here for some of Canada's history

USADonald Trump President 73

Click here for some of US's history

NZJacinda Ardern PM (since 26 October 2017) 39

Click here for some of New Zealand's history with Australia

PNGJames Marape PM (since 30 May 2019) 48

Click here for some of Papua New Guinea's history with Australia



Scott Morrison PM (since 24 Aug 2018) 51

Click here for some of Australia's history

Some Famous Aussie Politicians

Anthony Albanese Opposition Leader 56

Bill Shorten 52

Alexander Downer 68
That London conversation with George Papadopoulos (Trump's adviser) in May 2016

Some Famous Aussie Writers
Nikki Gemmell 53

Frances Whiting (about) mid 50s

Greg Sheridan 63

Click here for some editorials written by Greg in The Australian (2007-2018)

Bernard Salt 62

Phillip Adams 80

Famous Footballer
Israel Folau 30

Middle East 
IsraelBenjamin Netanyahu PM 69

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Gaza StripIsmail Haniyeh PM 57
West BankMahmoud Abbas President 83
TurkeyRecep Erdogan President 65

Click here for a recent article on the Turkish President in the Weekend Australian

EgyptAbdel Fattah el-Sisi President 64
LebanonMichel Aoun President 84

Saad al-Hariri PM 49

Click here for Lebanese Civil War 1975-1990

SyriaBashar al-Assad President 53

Click here for rulers of Syria since 1920

JordanAbdullah II King 57
Saudi ArabiaSalman King 83

Mohammad bin Salman Crown Prince (since 21 June 2017) 33

Click here for Saudi royal family background

With regard to the failed state of Yemen directly to the south click here for Yemen's current status, there are currently three Presidents, 1.President Hadi, reportedly under house arrest in Saudi Arabia, 2.Mahdi al-Mashat, acting President of the Houthi movement in Sanaa, and 3.Aidarus al-Zoubaidi, President of the Southern Transitional Council in Aden.

IraqAdil Abdul-Mahdi PM (since 25 Oct 2018) 77
IranAli Khamenei Supreme Leader (Ayatollah) 80

Hassan Rouhani President 70

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Aga KhanAga Khan IV Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini born in Geneva Switzerland. 82
His father was born in Karachi (capital of modern day Pakistan). His grandfather and great grandfather were born in Iran. He is said to be a direct lineal descendant of Mohammed through Mohammed's cousin and son-in-law, Ali, considered the first Imam in Shia Islam, and Ali's wife Fatima az-Zahra, Mohammed's daughter from his first marriage.

While the Aga Khan has British citizenship and travels worldwide continually, his primary residence is in Gouvieux, 65 kms north of Paris France.

PakistanImran Khan PM (since 18 Aug 2018) 66

Click here for rulers of Pakistan since 1973

RussiaVladimir Putin President 66
IndiaNarendra Modi PM 68
India is the second most populated country in the world.
Click here for India's fifteen most spoken languages, by 20 million or more of its people.

Click here for India's history after the flood.

Dalai Lama 84
As Leader of Tibetan government in exile, the Dalai Lama's residence is in Dharamshala in the far north of India.

BangladeshSheikh Hasina PM 71
ChinaXi Jinping President 66

China (including Tibet) is the most populated country in the world.

Click here for a snapshot of China's status in 1800.

North KoreaKim Jong-Un Supreme Leader 36 (South Korea) 35 (US records)

Click here for some recent news of North Korea

South KoreaMoon Jae-In President (since 10 May 2017) 66
JapanShinzo Abe PM 64

Naruhito Emperor (since 1 May 2019) 59

PhilippinesRodrigo Duterte President 74
VietnamNguyen Phu Trong (Nwen Phoo Trong) General Secretary and President 75

Click here for a list of presidents of North Vietnam 1945-1976 followed by the uniting of north and south.
After the French left in 1955, South Vietnam had two presidents
1. Ngo Dinh Diem until 1963 followed by 2. Nguyen Van Thieu until the fall of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city) in 1976.
Click here for some historical notes

Click here for some further notes on Burma and Thailand

MalaysiaMahathir Mohamad PM 94

Click here for background notes to its currency starting with the British in 1826.

Click here for a timeline snapshot of British Malaya and British Borneo from Wikipedia

Click here for some further notes

IndonesiaJoko Widodo President 58

Click here for some notes on Marx 1818-1883 and Darwin 1809-1882

Click here for CS Lewis 1898-1963 and Joy Davidman 1915-1960

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