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Firstly, an article on — the yagi antenna. Yagi antennas are externally mounted, preferably done by professionals, focused in a single direction i.e. they are not omni-directional.


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I just installed my smart antenna, works very well.
This forum has lots of good information.
What adapter do I need to attach an external antenna?


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bransby1 writes...
What adapter do I need to attach an external antenna?

Links below for the required parts (courtesy of this post). /adaptor-fme-plug-to-sma-socket/p/PA0621 /3m-sma-coaxial-cable/p/WC7802


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Can you run 2x Telstra smart antennas in the same house.
The situation is that my relatives have one tower 40km to the north and another one 35km to the east.
They both need a yagi to bring a good signal into the house.
Currently they have 2x smooth talker iPhone 4 docks and if the preferred tower (40km to north goes down) which it does during lightning / brown outs blackouts sometimes the tower to the east seems to always be available. And in that case they shift iPhone to the corresponding east tower iPhone dock.
So can one indoor unit be setup 5 10 metres from another if they're from different towers?


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Smart Repeater Update,
I got one from Telstra two months ago on a $30 month plan for 24 months,
With a 5db omni directional antenna on the roof I now have full signal in the house running a 3G router with VOIP Skype phones.
Average speed 2mbps which was way faster than my ADSL1 that I was getting.
I no longer am paying for ADSL and fixed line rental, and can use my $600 a month call allowance on my mobile plan.
4G is a nice to have, but 3G at 2mbps is fine for 90% of Internet use.
The Smart Antenna is portable...I can use it down the farm too with an external 7db omni antenna.
Technically now I am saving over $150 a month.
The SIM out of my Tablet is in the 3G router which provided the internet connectivity which is on a 8GB I might as well use it when at home thus the no longer required fixed line and ADSL.


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