This Love

Regarding the lyrics

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This is about a guy who thought everything was good but was blinded by the fact that the relationship was going to hell. She's left him lots of times, playing with his heart, but this time she's not coming back. It hit him hard, and it's like a permanent scar. He did what he could to keep her, but she's just never satisfied. He's playing love like it's a game, not taking it seriously, which angers her and causes her to leave. He wants to fix what's broken, and make everything better again. He just wants to love her, because it's what they both want, but when she left him for good, it hurt him, and he doesn't know if he can go through it again.

According to lead singer Adam Levine, this song is about how he was fed up with his relationship with Jane (Herman) and how the record label was pressuring the band for more songs.

Levine notes, "I saw this girl at a gas station, and I fell in love with her," he says. "I wrote a song about her and played it in the store where she worked. It was an awful song. But she found out about this relatively psychotic boy. She was my muse for years. . . . And then it kind of faded away".

… there was at least one line in every song about her.

In 2022 Jane was working for Vogue, married, with two children.

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