Estimated Growth this year, and coming years

What will life be like in the coming decades, if the Lord delays? :-)

Hi all

I’ve always disliked “world completely wiped out except for machines” movies, while we’re awaiting the Lord’s return. As one brother said, there is nothing new under the sun. 

Ok, I really pray his return is close,  but if not, let’s take a look at world stats, coupled with Jesus’s determined expression “Look at the birds, the flowers”, the Father’s love, how much more is it increased when it comes to the value of each person, in the coming decades / centuries

Here’s the most recent stats, of where the babies are being born, and where they’ve kind of frozen, or going backwards.

Blessings  Steve

Based on changes in Worldometers Regions in 2023

plus a report from the UN in 2022 of the world's 10 most populous countries, showing population in 1990, 2022, and an estimate for 2050, based on current trends.

Japan 123 million expects a decrease of 650,000 -0.5% growth
South Korea 51 million expects a decrease of 31,000 i.e. no growth 
China 1,425 million expects a decrease of 215,000 also no growth 
India 1,435 million expects 11.45 million 0.8% growth
The rest of Asia and Middle East 1,719 million expects perhaps 20 million 1.15% growth

Africa 1,426 million expects 33¾ million 2.4% growth

Growth in the East and Africa Population 6.179 billion estimate 64.2 million

Europe 598m and Russia 144m total 742 million expects a decrease of 1 million i.e. no growth US 340m and Canada 39m total 379 million expects 2 million 0.5% growth Mexico, Central America and South America 665 million expects 4.7 million 0.7% growth Australia 26m, New Zealand 5m, Papua New Guinea 10m and Oceania 4m total 45 million expects 537 thousand 1.2% growth Growth in the West (includes Oceania) Population 1.831 billion estimate 6.2 million
Growth worldwide Population 8.01 billion estimate 70.4 million (approximately)

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