What is the meaning of the song

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The lyrics have a very straight forward meaning;

A man approaches his old lover. He is still "in love" and is sentimental and nostalgic over their relationship. He wants to re-create this old relationship which he is romanticizing in his mind … but it never truly was what he thought, and in fact is more fantasy than reality.

"Tryin hard to recreate what had yet to be created once in her life."

In his world (mind), they were madly in love and it somehow fell apart. He wants this back, but it was never the reality of the situation ( " She musters a smile for his nostalgic tale, never coming near what he wanted to say, only to realize it never really was" )

He was dedicated, in love, and committed. She never had to "think twice" about how much he cared for her and wanted to be with her. ("she had a place in his life, he never made her think twice"), but as well as he treated her, she just could not let herself be in the relationship. She apologizes for treating him poorly, but he "rises" to this apology; he wants to accept that she is sorry and will change, but "Anyone else would surely know, he's watching her go."

He wants to see her apologies as a positive thing; she realizes she is wrong, but in fact, she is ending things.

Yet, what " A fool believes, he sees"....he thinks they are meant for each other and all he can see is the love...he can not see how poorly he has been treated and still hopes that it will all come back again.... "No wise man has the power, to reason away".... when you are that blind, no amount of wisdom will help you see the truth...the fool will only see what he believes, regardless of all the evidence to the contrary, and now, even after she has left him, he still sees what he believes. Besides, what "seems to be, is better than nothing".....even a crazy love that makes him unhappy is better than nothing at all.


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