2 Peter 3:9 God is not slow concerning his promise but long suffering toward us, not willing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance ("change of nous"). Contrast that more objective Greek word Boule in Latin "velle") with the more subjective Thelo "Choice, Juice, Justice". In Hebrew translations "Willing abah Aw-baw", "Delight hapes Khaw-fates", and "Acceptable ratson raw-tsone".

Click here re the Greek word "mello", translated in the Old Testament as "should", "under obligation", a word related to angels and the will of kings.

In the West many are conscious of reaping from what we sow, of cause and effect, Greek word Aiteo Ask, accusation, case, causing bringing about (eventually) the desired effect.

Click here for Aristotle's account in his book of Physics on the fundamental four causes askings of nature, αἰτία, in English aetiology.

  1. Matter (ὕλη, hū́lē-primeval ylem). For a table, this might be wood, for a statue, it might be bronze or marble, for a pot, clay. See too James 3:5 where the modern English word is Forest.
  2. Form (εἶδος, eîdos-image). According to Plato, a Fitting Formalist Formation, a Belief system, or Doxa.
  3. Efficient, or agent (κινοῦν, kinoûn see kinesis) agent of stirring. Prime mover as in Acts 17:28. For a table, a carpenter, for a child, a parent. See Acts 24:5 where Paul is called a "Mover (kinoun) of Stasis" (an agent of sedition).
  4. Final, end, purpose, completion, perfection (τέλος, télos). For a seed, an adult plant, for a sailboat, sailing. For silver coins (for thousands of years) — customs (taxes) for the governing powers.

Click here for a Chinese article on these words. In the East the language tends towards "Evolutionary Growth", "Fixed Castes" and "Inevitability", language that has been foreign to Judaeo-Christian thinking over the past 4,000 years.