Taking a look at Armenia, and some recent Internet Society news

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Subject:Taking a look at Armenia, and some recent Internet Society news

Armenia (in their language Hyastan) click here for the visual scripting in their alphabet and a correct audio pronunciation by a “Google-man” .

Yes, dear old Armenia, one of the oldest countries in the world. According to tradition, the place where Noah’s ark landed, which technically makes the land, post flood, the world’s first country in terms of settlement. And since ancient times it has been associated with Aram, grandson of Noah through Shem. According to the Jewish historian Josephus click here, after the breakup of the nations Aram came back and settled throughout this land, through his son Ul (pronounced “ool”). Aram is also associated with Aramaic , the lingua franca of ancient Syria, akin to Hebrew, that spread into Assyria, Babylon and Persia.

In 301 AD, their king Tiridates_III_of_Armenia declared Christianity to be their official state religion. He was quite a warrior king, apparently, and after his conversion, well, awkwardly, the bloodshed didn’t stop. But, in acknowledging Jesus of Nazareth as their divine Lord (and human example), they were politically the first country (once again) to settle that point.

Interestingly, their own name for themselves, Hyastan, derives from a chap named Hayk, great-great grandson of Noah through Japheth, Gomer, Togarmah, click here for his history, written by a Moses_of_Chorene. Moses identified himself as a young disciple of Saint Mesrob, inventor of the Armenian Alphabet, basing it mainly on the Greek alphabet, but apparently also with bits of Pahlavi (ancient Sanskrit).

Well they needed a new script, Tiridates had apparently “destroyed countless statues, temples and written documents”. ;-0

Coming up to today’s recent news, as most of you know, web pages are found through domain names, starting with a top level domain or TLD. In Australia, ours is .au, in Armenia it has been .am.

Well, last week, the Armenia chapter of the Internet Society got one for themselves in their own script, (I’ve been monitoring and publishing these new TLDs and their background for some years now).

Click here, if you would like to see the code, it shows the actual script, and the internal English code, that the billion computer hosts worldwide need to use, if they need to communicate it over the Internet. Click here to see more background, for those interested.

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