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The Stock and Debtors Database Schema below contains a hyperlink to a full development package of Wordtech's multi-user Quicksilver compiler (v1.3b) and dBXL a single-user dBASE III PLUS interpreter (v1.3).

With the dissolution of Wordtech Systems Inc management team by Borland many years ago, these programs have been listed for some time as "abandonware" and are accordingly made available here to be freely copied.

Click here for further understanding of what a compiler of dBASE will do. When the writer of the article talks about Clipper and Harbour which generates "C" source code, the statements apply equally well to Quicksilver (with its "d-Code" source), and when Quicksilver is combined with the dBXL database platform for development, maintenance and upgrade purposes, it provides a powerful package.

The applications listed below are multi-user business management applications that will run on any in-house Windows Server machine, on all versions of Windows (from Windows 3.1 to Windows 10) inside a well-behaved VDM window, without users needing to be online to the Internet.
Where a 64-bit version has been installed in Windows 7, its XP compatibility mode is available. However, the 32-bit version of Windows is the preferred option.

Other applications are available. View the "About us" link above for further background.


Wholesalers and Distributors

Stock and Debtors Manual (Right-click to Download)

Stock and Debtors Database Schema


Aged Care Services

* Payroll Vers 3.M86

* Roster Management and Award Interpreter Vers 3.M66b

* Human Resource Management Vers 3.M46

* Resident Data Systems for Aged Care Homes Vers 3.M58

* Document Control Vers 3.M29

 * Indicates a password protected upgrade