Colours: Crimson (kermes), purple and blue

Aurora Australis, captured by amateur aurora chaser Peter Sayers in Tasmania. Picture: Peter Sayers
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The Bureau of Meteorology says auroras are caused by particles ejected from the sun (charged alpha particles i.e. two protons and two neutrons, and single proton and electron particles) that are deflected by Earth's magnetic field, and interact with the atmosphere at the poles – usually oxygen and nitrogen atoms that emit light when they are excited.

Peter Sayers, a Devonport-based amateur astronomer who has been chasing auroras for 35 years, said "you've got to be really lucky to see it. A lot of times I'm disappointed at not seeing it because of cloud cover. When you do see it, it's absolutely amazing."

"The colours can be various as well – all the colours of the rainbow. Typically, they're green or yellow, but they can be purple, red, all sorts of different colours and shapes. Every aurora is different."

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Click here for the rainbow's spectrum (400-790THz), its three primary colours RGB, and its seven (modern day) acknowledged colours Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Violet.

Isaiah 1:18 Come (Walk with me) now, and let us reason (be corrected) together, says the LORD, though your sins be like scarlet (like crimson) they shall be as white as snow, though they be red i.e. "adam" like that worm, they shall be as wool.

Psalm 22:6 But I [am] a worm, and no man, a reproach of men, and despised of the people.

Chatting this morning (Wed April 9 2014) about the Crimson worm (or its scientific name Kermes insect) , found on oak trees in Israel, used in ancient times to dye the garments of the High Priest, how the female in its death naturally stains both the wood of the tree as well as the baby grubs feeding on it underneath with its red dye - Jesus shedding his precious blood on the cross — and over us — I do vaguely remember hearing some of this from a teacher long ago back at Sunday School, anyway, here's a great web page, with a picture of the worm, that the Alpha & Omega Institute popped together

Three days after it dies, the mother's body loses its crimson colour and turns into a white wax which falls to the ground like snow. Can be harvested and used to make shellac, a preservative. The crimson worm is also, apparently, very fragrant when crushed, and can be used to make medicine. Great pictures.

Update in December 2022

Blue, Purple, and Scarlet as used in Israel's Sanctuary

  1. The word "Blue" in Hebrew "techelet" with respect to its use in the Tabernacle, the colour of Aaron's ephod (apron) that he wore, see Exodus 39:22, and the blue covering over the ark as it was carried by the Levites in the wilderness, see Numbers 4:5-6, is written 49 times in the Old Testament.

    According to Josephus, also used in the Septuagint, it was the colour of the hyacinth flower.
    The colour of the sky as blue waves of light are "scattered" by transparent molecules of air. The colour of the sea as blue waves of light are reflected ("bounced") by transparent molecules of water. The colour of God's Home (Heaven).

    Natural Form

    Delft Blue

    Hyacinthus orientalis, the common hyacinth, native to southwestern Asia, southern and central Turkey, northwestern Syria, Lebanon and northern Israel from Wikipedia.


  2. Tyrian purple (the colour of royalty)   used to clothe Jesus in mockery at his crucifixion. Extracted from sea snails, and used by kings and the wealthy, from Wikipedia


  3. Wool dyed with the scale insect kermes (man sinful, now redeemed) from Wikipedia

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