World Population Estimate in 1800 (about 1 billion in total)

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Regarding China, its census estimate of 328 million was higher than any other single country.
China's earliest records show its first dynasty (after the flood) to be the Xia dynasty.
In 1000BC, the census estimate was 14 million, in 200BC at the start of the Han Dynasty that finalized the Great Wall and the Silk Road, about 20 million.
In 2AD at the time of Christ about 60 million. Click here for an ongoing graph from /special /china_1950_population.htm.

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No.Empires and Groups ▲▼NamePopulation (thousands)Group (thousands)
Qing Dynasty
Zhong-guo — Middle Kingdom
India - Outside British India
India (estimate only) outside British India140000140000
British EmpireBritish India (Bengal, Madras, Bombay and Mysore)49514115681
British EmpireGreat Britain (UK)10481
British EmpireIreland5000
British EmpireBritish Caribbean437
British EmpireCanada300
British EmpireBelize15
British EmpireGibraltar5
British EmpireAustralia5
British EmpireBermuda4
British EmpireBritish Citizenship outside British countries49920
AfricaAfrica (no census)9000090000
French Empire
Empire Francois — free empire
French Republic (France)2675844635
French EmpireNetherlands Empire (Nederlandse Rijk)
Dutch East Indies (Java) 4200
Dutch United Provinces (including Holland) 1850
French EmpireAustrian Netherlands (later known as Belgium)4000
French EmpireLigurian Republic (Genoa, Italy)2011
French EmpireHelvetic Republic (Switzerland)1600
French EmpireCisrhenian Republic (Cologne, Germany)1600
French EmpireCisalpine Republic (Milan, Italy)1300
French EmpireSaint-Domingue (French Caribbean)657
French EmpireFrench India175
French EmpireLuxembourg140
French EmpireMauritius70
French EmpireMalta60
French EmpireLouisiana (USA)
Taken by Spain in 1762. But Returned to France in 1800
French EmpireFrench Guiana (South America)15
French EmpireAndorra (Between Spain and France)5
Russian Empire
Ros-siy-skaya Imperiya
Russian EmpireUkraine7800
Russian EmpireRomania1770
Russian EmpireRussian Poland1200
Russian EmpireFinland1000
Russian EmpireLivonia and Courland (Latvia)725
Russian EmpireEstonia650
Russian EmpireLithuania600
Russian EmpireSeptinsular Republic (Corfu, Greece)120
Japan NipponTokugawa Shogunate (Japan)2900029000
Ottoman EmpireMiddle East, Greece, Bulgaria, Moldavia-Wallachia (Romania), Algeria, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia, Cyprus, etc1654226000
Ottoman EmpireAnatolia (Turkey)5604
Ottoman EmpireEgypt Eyalet3854
Spanish Empire
Espagnol Imperium pronounced Es-pan-yol
Spanish EmpireNew Spain
(Mexico, Central America, Philippines - counted separately, Guam)
Spanish EmpireNew Granada
(Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama)
Spanish EmpireRio de la Plata (Argentina, Uruguay)2082
Spanish EmpirePhilippines1800
Spanish EmpirePeru1400
Spanish EmpireChile800
Spanish EmpireGuatemala425
Spanish EmpireCuba300
Spanish EmpirePuerto Rico136
Spanish EmpireLouisiana
Taken by Spain in 1762. But Returned to France in 1800
(Holy Roman) Austrian Empire or ReichHungary (including Slovakia in the north)630023145
(Holy Roman) Austrian EmpireGalicia (West Ukraine), Lodomeria (Poland)3900
(Holy Roman) Austrian EmpireBohemia - Prague (Czech Republic, Germany)2810
(Holy Roman) Austrian EmpireVenetian Province (Venice, Italy)1845
(Holy Roman) Austrian EmpireAustria1820
(Holy Roman) Austrian EmpireTransylvania (Romania)1500
(Holy Roman) Austrian EmpireMoravia (Czech Republic)1260
(Holy Roman) Austrian EmpireCroatia850
(Holy Roman) Austrian EmpireStyria (Austria and Slovenia)800
(Holy Roman) Austrian EmpireTyrol (Austria and Italy)610
(Holy Roman) Austrian EmpireCarniola (Slovenia)400
(Holy Roman) Austrian EmpireCarinthia (Austria and Slovenia, also Italy, Croatia)300
(Holy Roman) Austrian EmpireDalmatia (Croatia)300
(Holy Roman) Austrian EmpireAustrian Silesia (Czech Republic and Poland)250
(Holy Roman) Austrian EmpireBukovina (Romania and Ukraine)130
(Holy Roman) Austrian EmpireTrieste (Italy)40
(Holy Roman) Austrian EmpireRagusa (Croatia)30
(Holy Roman) German Empire
Heiliges Rom-isches Deutsches Kaiser-reich or Holy Roman People's Kingdom
Prussia (Brandenburg)970021720
(Holy Roman) German EmpireSalzburg, Hannover, Trier, Cologne etc (Germany)4810
(Holy Roman) German EmpireBavaria (Germany)3200
(Holy Roman) German EmpireWurttemberg (Germany)1350
(Holy Roman) German EmpireBaden (Germany)912
(Holy Roman) German EmpireThuringian states (Germany)612
(Holy Roman) German EmpireMecklenburg-Schwerin (Germany)318
(Holy Roman) German EmpireWurzburg (Germany)250
(Holy Roman) German EmpireOldenburg (Germany)159
(Holy Roman) German EmpireReuss Elder Line (Germany)76
(Holy Roman) German EmpireLippe (Germany)70
(Holy Roman) German EmpireMecklenburg-Strelitz (Germany)70
(Holy Roman) German EmpireAnhalt-Dessau (Germany)52
(Holy Roman) German EmpireArenberg (Germany)48
(Holy Roman) German EmpireAnhalt-Bernburg (Germany)35
(Holy Roman) German EmpireAnhalt-Kothen (Germany)33
(Holy Roman) German EmpireSchaumburg-Lippe (Germany)20
(Holy Roman) German EmpireLiechtenstein5
Korea — Jo-seonKorea (North and South)1650016500
IndonesiaIndonesia outside of Java (no census)1200012000
Italy (unified in 1870)Naples (Southern Italy)500011170
ItalyPapal States (Rome in West, Marche Umbria Romagna in East)2300
ItalyTuscany (Capital Florence in Centre-West)1200
ItalySardinia (Island in West plus Capital Turin in North-West)450
ItalyParma (North-Centre)400
ItalyLucca (Northern Tuscany)120
Portuguese EmpireBrazil36009340
Portuguese EmpirePortugal2970
Portuguese EmpireMozambique1250
Portuguese EmpireAngola1010
Portuguese EmpireTimor300
Portuguese EmpirePortuguese India210
Viet NamAnnam (Viet Nam)72917291
Persia (Iran)Persia (Iran)60006000
ThailandThailand (no census)45004500
Burma (Myanmar)Burma (Myanmar)42004200
Danish Empire
Dansk Imperium
Danish EmpireNorway883
Danish EmpireHolstein (Germany)350
Danish EmpireIceland46
Danish EmpireDanish West Indies (Virgin Islands US)40
Danish EmpireGreenland5
Diriyah (Family of Ibn Dir' in Middle East)Diriyah (Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, UAE, Yemen)21322132
Sikh Empire (North India)Sikh Empire (Northern India) (India, Pakistan, Afghanistan)15001500
Oman and BahrainBahrain363663
Oman and BahrainOman300

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