7 days

Time and the Law of Relativity

Based on factors like gravity and speed, how you see time depends on where in the universe you're looking at it. A minute on the moon goes faster than a minute on the Earth. A minute on the sun goes slower. Time on the sun is actually stretched out so that if you could put a clock on the sun, it would tick more slowly.
Click here for further details, attributed to a dear Jewish chap who helped my thinking on this one, no, not Einstein , Gerald Schroeder, a former nuclear physicist at MIT and a former member of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.

Our solar system is located about two-thirds of the way out from the centre of the Milky Way. Illustration via Caltech.

Brief summary of relative speeds and sizes (approximately) of local astronomical objects:


Now, over to Genesis 1

7 Days of Creation

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Why does the apple fall to the ground?
Because it's attracted by gravity.

Why is it attracted by gravity?
It's because space-time folds around masses.


DayTime SpanActivity
One.15,750 million BC
- 7,750 million BC
Time starts.
God creates the heavens (the highest heights out there) and earth (the place down here) formless, under waters — stickiness — pregnant with hope
God forms the light at perhaps 100 million trillion trillion degrees Kelvin, and separates the light (day) that is now permeating this sticky mass from the darkness (night)
Second.7,750 million BC -
3,750 million BC
God declares an expanse (a hammering out) to bisect this stickiness, separating waters above the hammering from waters below the hammering i.e. outer space, to a diameter of about 93,000 million light years (the observable universe). Temperature drops to, perhaps, about 5.46 degrees Kelvin (about double the 2.73 degrees the universe is today)
Third.3,750 million BC -
1,750 million BC
Binds stickiness together forming seas, land appears and plant life. The earth is much hotter in this "pre-Cambrian" age, there is less oxygen, and there are perhaps a number of "ice ages" on the surface, with frozen oceans, and with glaciers "grinding" mountains to powder.
Earth's rotation is also faster, resulting in perhaps 450 days in a solar cycle (year)
Fourth.1,750 million BC -
750 million BC
Positions sun, moon, stars to govern time upon the earth
Fifth.750 million BC -
250 million BC
Cambrian explosion when complex living creatures form, sea animals and flying creatures i.e. insects, dragonflies
Sixth.250 million BC -
2,000 AD
Land animals formed.
At the close of the sixth day, about 4,000 BC, creates Adam to rule the earth. Sin (rebellion), violence, death, visits all creatures, ancient and young.
About 2 BC, sends His son to be man's Lord (and Saviour)
Seventh.Reign of Christ for one thousand years.Rest

Starting in Genesis 2 we see the second picture of the seven day week — the scripture summary re “children of Adam”, all made in the image of this, our God, seen as three periods of 2,000 year groups (approximately), this is an old picture, many have prophesied on this one,

a. God-Adam (father-father) revealing his favour and wrath focused on children of Adam at the start in Genesis chapter 2 until the flood and dispersion of these peoples worldwide, all knowing “about” God, if not knowing him directly, much deception abounding, e.g. as recorded in Job.

b. then Abraham-Isaac (father-son) one-third of the way, revealing his favour and wrath recorded and focused on one place, one people, i.e. the Jews, with God “tolerating” other people’s lack of knowledge, delusions “of grandeur”

c. then Jesus-Christ (son-Holy Spirit) two-thirds of the way, revealing his favour and wrath recorded and spoken about everywhere,

reaching up to today three-thirds of the way, with the Gospel message now preached via pre-called and pre-chosen saints, through radio, TV, Internet-smartphones, in every language, literally billions, reading and hearing about the Lord and what he did, taking on our fallenness, on the cross.

coming up to a seventh day (Christ’s return and millennial reign through the Holy Spirit, when Satan, the deceiver, is “locked up”).

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May 14th.

From some early morning thoughts just after 01:02:03 on 04/05/06 — Australian time

God's desire for a love relationship with his people — his family

 Years (inclusive) 
The Father: Creation of Adam to Birth of Abram ("Ab" — "Father"): 4018 BC - 2011 BC 2008 years
The Son (Building the Name): Abraham/Isaac to John/Jesus (click here): 2010 BC - 3 BC 2008 years
Holy Spirit (The Kingdom): Peace in Christ to pseudopeace with pseudoChrist: 2 BC - 2006 AD 2008 years
We'll Recognize Israel: vowed Mr Abbas before all the United Nations, on Rosh Hashanah in 2006: Sep2006 —Mar2010 3½ years
Israel wrecks the process: Peace sacrifices, offerings made to stop: Mar2010 AD Sabbath
Israel: Very imminently, the space-time continuum "splits", a major Repentance (and call upon Jesus, the Messiah):   3½ years
   6031 years

So, we'll then have been 6000 years on our own, and had 31 years with the Son of God (the bridegroom) with us — 2 BC - 31 AD. If Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born in the year we now call 2 BC, his 1st birthday would have occurred in 1 BC, his 2nd-31st birthdays in the years 1 AD - 30 AD, then in 31 AD crucified, risen Sunday (March 25th), ascended (May 3rd).

So those years add up to 6031 both ways yes, it's a bit like double entry book keeping.

Further thoughts since May 4 2006
Incidentally on this same day Ehud Olmert officially became 12th Prime Minister of Israel. The Jerusalem Post reported James Wolfensohn's resignation as special Mideast envoy. And an early subprime warning Merit Financial closed its doors.

Click here for Newspaper Reports since May 14, 2007.

With Jewish land possession, the 50th year, the first year following the seventh "group of seven", was always to be a Jubilee year when the trumpet would be especially blown (see Leviticus 25). It was a "Freedom" year for the agricultural land, and a year when every family's descendants would be allowed to reclaim their original title, based on land distributions set out (by lot) in the book of Joshua. Buildings (in a walled city) could be permanently sold, but wherever it was open land it always had to "go back".

Interestingly according to Acts 13:20-21, David's ascent to the throne came in the 10th Jubilee year that followed 490 years (70 times seven) years of forgiveness from the Lord.

And very interestingly in the timeline above, the six day war in June 1967, when Israel reclaimed all of Jerusalem, it came in the 70th Jubilee year that followed 3430 years (70 times seven times seven years) of forgiveness from the Lord.

1465BC to 1AD = 1465 years. 1AD to 1966AD = 1965 years. 1465+1965 = 3430 years (or 490 sabbaths).

In the first instance, we see in 975-974 BC God's chosen king, David revealed.

In the second instance, we see in 1966-1967 AD God's chosen city, Jerusalem revealed. Click here for a live webcam on the Western Wall.
As a side note, it came 49 years after the freeing of Beersheba (and Jerusalem) from the Ottoman Empire, the 69th Jubilee year of 1917-1918, October-December 1917 to be precise.

In the first instance, we see after 40 years in 935-934 BC, his precious son Solomon acknowledged in the nation.

In the second instance, we see after 40 years in 2006-2007 AD, his precious people Israel acknowledged in the United Nations click here.

In the first instance according to 2 Chronicles 3:2, we see in the 4th year of his reign in 932-931 BC, the commencement of the building of God's temple on earth, a holy place, a separated place, where at one point in its dedication by Solomon not even the priests could stand to minister 1 Kings 8:11. Built over a seven year period.

Eden in 2010: In the second instance, did we see in March 2010 AD, the commencement of a huge split by the US Govt from Jerusalem on earth. From the viewpoint of a rebellious world, the start of a great divorce. Babylon crashing.

Certainly the meeting in Copenhagen in Dec 2009 spoke of the fear, worldwide, of what people see coming upon the earth.

Numbers do not rule us. Superstitious i.e. Excessively fearful of the ones (or one) who distributes to each one his destiny, can be a starting place to finding the Father, as Paul preached on Mars Hill. And time indeed reveals a most detailed harmony, like music. "The secret, covered things belong to our Lord God: those uncovered belong to us and to our children forever, that we may accomplish every arrangement laid out there". Deuteronomy 29:29
"Surely the Lord God will do nothing, unless He reveals His intimate secret counsels to His servants the prophets." Amos 3:7  see too Genesis 18:17

In place of the inward peace of Christ, the outward confirmation — September 2006 — click here is in the news see Daniel 9:27.
Then an intensely spiritual picture is seen, the Great Divorce between Heaven and Earth. Midway through seven years, the scriptures speak of seeing Eve in heaven, (now shining with the life-giving Spirit, Wisdom, Jerusalem our mother) bringing to birth a Man-child a corporate body of resurrected saints back to Abel, currently with Christ in the third heaven in Paradise. And as prophesied in Eden, the woman encounters Satan seeking to devour her seed. But her child is caught up to God and his throne, the Devil, forever "casting aspersions", is now "cast out" of Heaven, as Eve, on earth as well, flees into a wilderness place where she is nourished for 1,260 days Revelation 12:6.

It is a time of trial on earth. But the "nourish" word reminds us of the promise in Revelation 3:10 to the "Philadelphia" church i.e. wherever the church "Loves the brotherhood", that "Because you have kept the word of my endurance, I also will keep you from the hour / season of testing intended upon all the world, to test those whose home is down on the earth".

Click here for further thoughts on this church (and the other churches).

"For the day of the LORD is at hand, and as a destruction (Heb. shod) from the Almighty (Heb. Shaddai) shall it come" Joel 1:15.
Click here for 24 other Old Testament references.

The time starts with a great earthquake, followed by the sun becoming black (sounding a little like a solar eclipse), the moon looking like blood, but then the stars drop, the sky, yes, the universe separates as when a writing scroll is wrapped together, and as everybody tries to hide, the Lord's face is revealed Revelation 6:12-16 see too Matthew 24:29-30. And also the time when Revelation 12:12 says "alas for those whose home is down on the earth and the sea, for the malicious accuser — the devil — has come down to you having great anger, knowing that little time he has left."
"Where the body → the carcase is, there the eagles will be gathered together." Luke 17:37 and Matthew 24:28 quoting Job 39:30, see also 1 Cor 5:5. The physical city Jerusalem is assaulted — trampled into the dirt for 42 months see Revelation 11:2 and Zechariah 14:2.

But as the Lord (1) pours out the spirit of grace-unmerited favour and supplications-earnest prayers on the House of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem (2) and as they look upon Him whom they have pierced and grieve bitterly (3) and as a fountain (of living waters) is opened for sin and impurity — God's focus will be on all of these to protect them, convert and refine them see Zechariah 12-14, Matthew 24 and Romans 11:25-26. Highlighted by Elijah's return see Malachi 4:5-6 "turning the heart of the fathers to the children — and vice-versa" culminating in the Return of the King, with his saints.

So yes, if these dates reflect this coming situation, it is now very short. Come Lord Jesus.

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