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Monday September 27
COVID-19's Latest News
Australia and Overseas stats, shutdowns, openings

Qld On Friday 24th September, mask restrictions eased for South East Queensland. If seated at work, school or in venues, you can take your mask off.

NSW Greater Sydney, including the Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Wollongong and Shellharbour has been in lockdown since 6pm Saturday 26th June. Reopening currently planned for the Monday that follows 70% double vaccination status, estimated as 18th October. A 9pm to 5am night curfew was in place in Sydney from 23rd August to 15th September. Now lifted.

ACT At midday on Thursday 12th August ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr announced a snap 7-Day lockdown. Currently extended to 15th October.

Victoria Melbourne has been in lockdown since 8pm Thursday 5th August. Currently includes a 9pm to 5am night curfew. Regional Victoria was locked down from 21st August to 9th September but this was lifted (apart from Shepparton, and subsequently Ballarat). The lockdown will remain in place until 70 per cent have had two doses of vaccine, earliest estimate Monday 25th October.

South Australia Lockdown lifted at midnight Tuesday 27th July.

Market News

Early News
243 Aussie passengers (plus 4 pilots & 14 crew) left Wuhan via QANTAS flight on Monday 3rd February 2020 at 8am (local time).... Flight subsidised by Govt. Will spend up to 14 days in Quarantine on Christmas Island. QANTAS to cover all additional domestic fares.
Update: Christmas Island quarantine lifted
Paige Taylor
Sunday Feb 16
Australians quarantined on Christmas Island were on Sunday preparing for freedom as the islands temporary quarantine station scaled down.
Not everybody locked inside the Christmas Island detention centre can go home on Monday.
The 242 Australians who arrived from Wuhan on February 3 are scheduled to be delivered to the Christmas Island airport after a short bus tour of local sights — but 36 Australian citizens and permanent residents will stay behind.
The smaller group landed on the Indian Ocean territory 48 hours after the first arrivals, via a rescue flight arranged by the New Zealand government that went first to Auckland.
They can leave on Wednesday if they remain virus-free.
The 24 doctors, nurses and clinicians sent to oversee the quarantining of Australians on Christmas Island were on Sunday packing up gear and a tent hospital in the grounds of the Howard-era immigration detention centre.
The medical group — including a pharmacist and paediatrician — are from the Australian Medical Assistance Team led by Dan Holmes, who described an optimistic mood among evacuees on Sunday. 'Everything is going smoothly,' he said. He indicated the Christmas Island detention centre could be prepared for more quarantine work at short notice pending any decision to send more people. 'AUSMAT are ready whatever we are asked to do,' he said. 'Our tents can be built up in two hours when required.'
The role of Christmas Island as a quarantine station was arranged swiftly and there was uncertainty about whether the island had capacity to receive more evacuees.
Another 266 Australians took a Qantas rescue flight out of Wuhan on February 9 and went to a former resource sector workers camp at Howard Springs, near Darwin.

Recent News pre-COVID

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Australian Timelines

  1. Australian Early Maps
  2. Australian Eight Leaders
    Cook, Phillip, Hunter, King, MacArthur, Flinders, Bligh, Macquarie
  3. Australian Settlements

    1. Sydney 1788
      English settlers to Federation
    2. Hobart 1804
    3. Brisbane 1824
    4. Perth 1829
    5. Melbourne 1835
    6. Adelaide 1836
      plus Northern Territory, Aussie Ballots, Trade Unions
    7. New Zealand 1840
    8. PapuaNewGuinea 1884
      WW1, WW2, Independence
    9. Canberra 1927
  4. Average Wealth 2019
  5. Banks
  6. Christianity (at settlement)
  7. Christianity and PMs (since 1945)
  8. Citizenship and Indigenous people
  9. Compulsory Voting (and enrolment)
  10. CSIRO's John Bolton
    Pioneer at Dover Heights & Parkes
    Click here for early photos.
  11. Electric Car (Notes)
  12. GDP
  13. Our Origins by Ancestry
  14. Population Growth
    by State plus Qld towns
  15. Taxes and Pensions
  16. Wages AU
    and Debt US

Other Country Status-Timelines

  1. by Cities
  2. by Currencies
  3. by GDP (and PPP)
  4. by Geography North/South
  5. by Leaders and Flags

  6. by Population Increase
  7. by Population Past
    Countries since Rome 50million+ plus Australia and Canada

  8. by Population Since Adam
    Mortality plus Growth of Languages
  9. in Population 2020 with Christian, Muslim, Other Religion percentages showing Lifespan by Continent. Also links to 1930 & 1800
  10. in Population 2020 with UN status showing Lifespan by Size. Sortable. Also Age Range Stats

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Facebook, its Founding & Facemash

a word size timeline

Honeywell's OSI Model 1984

IP Stack
Datagrams and how they work

and how they work

Keyboard Scan Codes

Memory how it works & MOS transistors

Mobile Codes

Mobile Timeline WW1 - 2011

Mobile Phone Base Stations

NBN Mar 2021
BaseConnections 8.3m

Telstra 3.77m 45½%
... TPG 2.03m 24½%
Optus 1.28m 15½%
Vocus (Dodo,iPrimus) 589t 7%
Other 622t 7½%
Technology Types
FTTN 3.06m 37%
HFC 1.93m 23%
FTTP 1.58m 19%
FTTC (Curb) 996t 12%
FixedWireless 354t 4%
FTTB (Building) 248t 3%
Satellite 93t 1%
Non-NBN Connections
Mobile Broadband 4.8m
DSL 570t
HFC 320t
Fibre 160t
Satellite 30t

NBN Technology & Address Check

NBN Timeline 2010-2020

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languages timeline

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(over 35 years)

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AT&T's C and Unix 1972

Early Bus S-100 1974

Early CP/M 1975

Early Home Computers

Early IMSAI 8080 1976

Early VisiCalc 1979

Early Wordstar 1979

Early dBASE II 1981

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Mac/Apple Timeline

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Notepad's New UTF-8 Rules

WhatsApp vs FBMessenger

World Wide Web


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ABCs Do it in Hebrew

ABCs India various scripts

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plus Pronounciation

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HTML CSS Reference

HTML Sorting ▲▼
WebPage Tables

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NSLookup, Ping, TraceRT

Test IPv6 (or IPv4) address

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Trace Email Source Originating Server

Website Down
or is it just me

Wingding Postscript

YouTube Demo 1
Raised From Dead
YouTube Demo 2
Hoyts FatherSon