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Browsers what language are they all written in

Cable Pictures, VGA, DVI, HDMI, PS/2, Ethernet, USB, Thunderbolt, USB-C, DisplayPort

Cloud, Top seven companies

Computer, Clocks, Cable, and Instruction Sets (16,32,64bit)
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Disk Drives

EPROM and Flash Memory

Facebook, its Founding & Facemash

Hardware architecture

Honeywell's OSI Model 1984

IP Datagrams
and how they work

ISDN SIM, IMSI, IMEI, MSISDN meanings on mobiles

and how they work

Keyboard Scan Codes

Memory how it works & MOS transistors

Mobile Base Station Lookup

NBN Aussie rollout and disconnection dates

Operating Systems Overview

Peripheral Buses on PCs
PCI vs SATA vs USB etc


Public Networking

Software languages

System_bus Revisited

Test IPv6 (or IPv4) address

Trace a Route from Client to Server

Trace Email Source Originating Server

USB How it works

USB Type A,B,Mini,Micro

Video Graphics
(over 35 years)


(PCs and the Web)

AT&T's Baudot to ASCII

AT&T's C and Unix 1972

Early Bus S-100 1974

Early CP/M 1975

Early Hardware

Early IMSAI 8080 1976

Early VisiCalc 1979

Early Wordstar 1979

Early dBASE II 1981

Intel Timeline

Mac/Apple Timeline

Microsoft Timeline

Web Timeline

Web Summary ICANN Internet Names & Numbers, the world wide web, smartphones in Australia, and HTML

Web Mail

Web Launch 1992

Web ICANN Top Level Domains

Web Who's Who

Software / Foreign Language Aids

ABCs Alphabet

ABCs Chinese by Pinyin zhong guo 中国 (Simp.)

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ABCs Chinese by Unicode

ABCs Do it in Hebrew

ABCs India various scripts

ABCs Japanese scripts
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Hiragana & Katakana

Content Languages
Top 10 million Websites
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Foreign Text to Unicode

Foreign URL to ASCII

Foreign Words Pronounced

Foreign TLDs Script

 Google How it Works

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Hard Refresh in Chrome, Firefox, IE and Mac

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HTML Commands

HTML CSS Reference

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WebPage Tables

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 CMD Shell / PowerShell



NSLookup, Ping, TraceRT


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Raised From Dead
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SWCS - scripture resources, historic timelines, and media

Click here for the final results of 2019 Federal Election

Intro. Spirit Soul and Body

  1. Click here re the "God Revolution" in Australia by Tony McLennan of the Australia for Jesus Network.
  2. Click here re Psychological Types and Temperaments - Our Souls.
  3. Click here for a primer on life - Our Bodies.
  4. Life and Love, Law, Logos
  5. Click here for What about the billions who have never heard about Jesus

1. Etymology

Click here for Etymologies of various phrases, the origin of the words in Hebrew (OT) and Greek (NT) and the way the meanings have changed through time

2. Cycle of History
based on 2008 years of The Father — Adam to Abraham, 2008 years of The Son — Isaac to Jesus, 2008 years of The Holy Spirit — Establishing the Kingdom, then a statement of "peace" on Rosh Hashanah in Sep 2006 (click here to see this timeline).

  1. Click here for the timeline of the history of the world's calendar and click here for today's time zones.
  2. Click here for the east-west timeline during the implementation of this Christ-centred calendar, after 532 BC.
  3. Click here for the emperors and kings from Charlemagne to Kaiser Wilhelm II, plus the build up in Russia and Germany to World War 2.
  4. Click here for a timeline of world cities (then and now).
  5. Click here for the timelines of the UN, IMF, NATO, G7 and the EU's 28 countries.
  6. Click here for a snapshot of monarchies in 2019. Click here for republics (listed in date order & sortable by country).
  7. Click here for a map of countries today, an offline Google mapped image to Europe Africa and Asia showing all major and many minor countries, plus an underlying link for "drill down" purposes.
  8. Click here for World Leaders.
  9. Click here for our local leaders i.e. our Mayors in Brisbane and Queensland. Men and Women to pray for.

3. Money and the Gold Standard

  1. Click here for the timeline of inflation in all of today's major currencies. Even Bitcoin.
  2. Click here for Australia's early years. How did everyone in Australia really survive before banks
  3. Click here for the UK penny, AU coins, and US coins and dollars since 1792.
  4. Click here for Troy & Tower Weights, Pennyweights and Carats.

  5. Click here for the timeline of money along with Jesus's words in the New Testament.
  6. Click here for the timeline of inflation as seen in England, after the Roman era, and then in Australian wages.
  7. Click here for Daily Settlements between Australia banks BSB, EFTPOS, BPAY, etc.
  8. Click here for Australia's current import/export figures and partners. Click the search button on upper right to select another country.
  9. Click here for the timeline of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) 2007-2008.
  10. Click here for the major currencies employed at BIS Bank for International Settlements in foreign exchange trade. 88% of all trade involves buying or selling $US. "Make friends for yourselves with unrighteous mammon." This is where governments have to get involved, or if functioning as an unyielding monopoly, not, to much angst. Trade now totals $US 5 trillion daily since the GFC, up from $US 1 trillion daily in 2001.
    Estimate bank notes in circulation $US 1.7 trillion $AU 80 billion
    Click here re Mammon and the top three debtor nations — US Spain Australia — with their two languages spoken everywhere, English and Spanish.
    Click here for a full list of Central Banks that 1. Provide Banking Services to a Government, 2. Issue Banknotes, and 3. Act as a Clearing House between individual banks & lender of last resort.

4. Computers latest statistics

  1. Major Suppliers
    • Apple Desktops, Smartphones, tablets and watches, based on XNU operating system, open-source, mostly Unix. Note, XNU is short for "X is Not Unix" .
    • Microsoft Windows operating systems, Azure Cloud Computing & Office software.
    • Google Search engine, Chrome browser & Android operating system with its Linux (Unix-like) kernel. Free except for ads
    • IBM Mainframes. On-premises ownership of hardware and software. Perhaps only 3% of IBM's revenue, but dominant in large banks, retailers, governments, insurance & airlines.
  2. Click here for the timeline of the Internet 1969-2019.
  3. Click here for latest 5G (and 4G) snapshot worldwide & in Australia.
  4. Click here for recent Email statistics.
  5. Click here for Airplanes as operating systems(humour), also more browsing and Youtube statistics.
  6. Click here for the timeline of Audio-Visual Codecs since 1991.
  7. Click here for the timeline of the computer language through its four generations.
  8. Click here for the timeline of Booting BIOS & UEFI Firmware.
  9. Click Here for AT & T's Baudot to ASCII.

5. Bible

Click here for the timeline of the translations of our Bible.
Click here for an estimate of the total words in the original text.

6. Adam

  1. Click here for the timeline of Adam, 6,027 years (in 2010 AD) from when God's logia in Adam first raises its head
  2. Reconciling the Hebrew calendar with the Christian calendar
    Eden→Eden with David the Shepherd King born the 3014th yr in the middle
    noting that our earliest cuneiform writings go back to ca. the 34th century BC

7. Jubilees and Jerusalem

  1. Click here for Israel's Jubilees, noting June 7 1967 occurred in the year of the 70th Jubilee.
  2. Click here for estimated sketches of the Tabernacle, and the layout of the Temple in the days of Solomon, Zerubbabel, and Jesus.
  3. Click here for the Old City of Jerusalem with its Walls and Gates built in 1538, plus earlier sketches from King David, Nehemiah, Jesus.
  4. Click here for Jerusalem's timeline history.

8. Jesus

Click here for a timeline of Jesus, 2BC to 31AD.

9. Paul

Click here for a timeline of Paul's Journeying 33AD - 64AD.

10. Language

Click here for audible pronunciations of the name of Jesus in Aramaic, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese as well as suggestions regarding the ancient Latin and Greek

11. World
About 4,200 years ago, about 100 years after the Flood, the scriptures say that peoples — perhaps 200 - 300 or so families at that time — scattered all over the earth and during the next 200 years the earth "fractured" becoming continents and islands. By 1000 BC, based on anthropological and archaeological evidence, the population had become about 50 million.

  1. Click here for the history of census taking according to
  2. Click here for the Nations descended from Noah as documented by the Jewish historian Josephus around 100 AD when the population had grown to about 200 million.
  3. Click here to see today's population, the world now numbering 7½ billion descendants — showing the "declared" Muslim / Christian allegiance(s). Also showing a weighted average life span (Life Expectancy at birth) of 70 years — 69.82 to be exact— over all the world.

12. Love

  1. Click here for another picture in space and time: God's Plan of Love — Building His Body / Family.
  2. Click here for our "Bios": our human biology and its pressure factors, the story of Jacob, and his wrestling with the angel, "the man", a story that along with that of his son Joseph takes up half the book of Genesis.

Main Body

  • Click here to go to Israel's Latest News
  • Click here to go to Tyre — Businesses and Time Complete
  • Click here to go to Seals 1-6 through Scripture and Historic Events
  • Click here to go to the Bottom part of the Page

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First Words regarding Australia in 1606

Click here for Christianity in Australia (pre 1945)

Who owns Australia, anciently referred to as terra australis incognita (Latin) - "unknown land of the south"? The words came just over 400 years ago: La Austrialia del Espiritu Santo - Australia of the Holy Spirit (click to hear the song), without the preceding "Terra" that had previously been used. These Spanish words were spoken by a spiritually minded Portuguese navigator with an Austrian king as his Spanish monarch on Pentecost Sunday, May 14th 1606 — were then adjusted and published in English (and Spanish) in 1625 as Australia del Espiritu Santo by Purchas, vol.iv, p.1432 — then changed again in Lieutenant James Cook's journal to Astralia del Espiritu Santo in 1770.

But Cook was noting that, even as Quirós proclaimed this to be the new name for the land he had been seeking — Terra Australis — south to the Pole, he had actually been on a small island group (Vanuatu) well to the east. Click here to see a copy of his map. And Quirós's second in command Torres had sailed on and come through Torres Strait, possibly sighting the hills of Cape York, but if so, taking no further notice.

Yes, mistakes occurred as so often happens when we "can't see the big picture". Still, later English writers declared their ongoing preference for Quirós's word though minus that first "i" . So, while English explorer James Cook now named the east coast New South Wales using an incomplete map of New Holland — yes it had been named this by Dutch explorer Tasman in 1644 — both Matthew Flinders' chart of "parts explored 1798 — 1803" and Governor Macquarie's despatch on 21 December 1817 strongly recommended that the whole country reclaim the name Australia. Official recognition by the British Admiralty came in 1824.
Click here for more background on the naming of Australia.

Freedom and youth in 2006

Now click here to read about a get-together with vibrant imagery — tree-planting and "bread-breaking", between our recent Australian leader (John Howard)'s family, and American leader (George Bush)'s family on Sunday, May 14th 2006, a special day.

Firstly, it was the 400th anniversary of Quirós's proclamation

Secondly, it was the 200th anniversary of the successful English petition in 1806, when 2000 signatures laid before the House of Lords saw the abolition of the slave trade throughout the British Empire inside the year. It came at the time of London's rapid rise as a ruling "world city", the English navy ruling the seas, the English pound starting to rule the world's money markets, click here re the history of money, and along with new communications systems and a free press, the English language starting to rule the world's languages (e.g. Nigeria in Africa, India and Australia in Asia, U.S.A. in America), bypassing French as first or second language of countries everywhere.
Click here for interesting pictures in the origin of that word "English".

Thirdly, as second Sunday in May, it was worldwide Mother's Day.
Let us examine those scriptures on "Mother".

But Jerusalem above is free which is the mother of us all. Galatians 4:26
Yes, Jerusalem above is the heavenly mother, a kingdom that shines forth in wisdom — clarity. CS Lewis speaks of her as the enduring invisible church "terrible as an army with banners".
Further pictures on mother and child with John's vision in Revelation 12, see also Revelation 21, Genesis 4:25-26, Song of Solomon 8:5-7, Proverbs 8, and Proverbs 31.

Yes, free, along with her children.

And from the depths of a Tasmanian gold-mine to the snowy heights of Mt Everest, May that year certainly majored in Aussies being rescued. Click here for that last one. In June, the joy (and agony) of participating in world cup soccer. Click here for a short email sent via Col Stringer. In September, the worldwide sadness, as major news websites went into meltdown, at Steve Irwin's sudden death. Click here for one writer's review.
Whether we live or die, win or lose, there is enormous appeal in the freedom, the enthusiasm in someone like Steve's young, childlike (though a cynic would say childish) Aussie playfulness. To quote Bono: "things that really communicate universally are humour (surprised by joy), grace & strength of character" - three things often seen in little children. ok, not always at the same time

Truly, unless you about face, become as children, you shall not go in. Matthew 18:3
The word for child is "paidion", linked to "paideuo" meaning one who is trained up: chastened, and corrected.
See too Luke 7:35-50 regarding Wisdom and her children.

Enslavement and age in Palestine — Jerusalem below. Galatians 4:25, Isaiah 50:1
the contrasted worldview of shame (pale, confused & distracted), blame and guilt can intimidate and bind us all so easily. On August 14th 2006 (3 months following that Mother's day) a UN brokered truce was announced for Hezbollah and Israel — provisionally reckoned "a messy draw" by Greg Sheridan, foreign editor at "The Australian". Seen by many as a proxy war, the latest episode in a 2300 year conflict involving the South (Egypt), North (Syria/Iran) and Jews in the middle - click here. Then, under provocation on February 14th 2007 (6 months later), John Howard declared in Parliament why he was so adamant about keeping 1400 Australian personnel in Iraq to support US troops. "A defeat in Iraq for the US would be more than bad for the war against terrorism; it would be catastrophic," Mr Howard said. "It would lead to not only a bloodbath in Iraq but the destabilisation of Saudi Arabia and Jordan and the end of any real hope of getting a Palestinian peace settlement. It would also embolden the terrorist cause in our part of the world."

Latest news on Israel and the Middle East

Click this map of Israel, another young yet ancient nation, prophetically entrusted with the oracles, the sayings of God Romans 3:2, for "Deep inside the plucky country" by Greg Sheridan in The Australian.
Plucky, but hemmed in.
Click Here for the latest News on Israel and Palestine — at September 12th 2019.

Click here to see the population growth in this land that now encompasses Israel, West Bank and the Gaza Strip. In 1920 it showed just 737 thousand but in 2019 there were 9 million in Israel, 3 million in the West Bank and 2 million in the Gaza Strip. Further east in Jordan 675 thousand to 7 million, Iraq 3 million to 37 million, Persia (Iran) 11 million to 81 million. Yes phenomenal growth, due in part to the abolition of slavery, the discovery of oil, and of course a massive decline in infant mortality rates click here — in Israel from 39 deaths per thousand in 1950 to 3 per thousand in 2019, in Palestinian territories from 140 to 21, in Jordan from 147 to 17, in Iraq from 225 to 32, in Iran from 220 to 15.
Click the appropriate country to see similar population growth in the north, in Lebanon 845 thousand to 6 million and Syria 2 million to 18 million, in the south, in Egypt 13 million to 93 million and Saudi Arabia 2 million to 32 million.

Current faith demographics on Israel's population of about 9 million show 74% to be Jewish, 2% Arab Christian, 1½% Druze, 18% Muslim and 4-5% nominally "other or none". In the 2011 census, non-Arab Christians estimated to number 25,000 (including "Messianic Jews"), were counted as "Jews and others". An important point, interfaith marriages are not permitted, when marrying in Israel, both parties must always be of the "same faith". Disputed East Jerusalem currently holds about 300,000 Palestinian Arabs and 200,000 + Israeli Jewish settlers. Then outside of Israel proper, about 2 million live in the Gaza Strip (99% Muslim), and about 3 million live in the West Bank (about 82% Muslim, 2% Christian, 15% Jewish settlers).

Click here for Wikipedia's latest historic perspective on the State of Palestine, a non-member observer state within the United Nations since November 2012, recognized as a "proper, separate nation" by some, and "definitely not" by others.

Click here for Rulers of Syria (in the north) 1920-2019, and a map of who controls what in its civil war.

Click here for an article on the Turkish President, following his friendly overtures to Russia, Saudi Arabia, and most recently, Iran, with US President Trump saying the US shouldn't criticize the purges, and seeing him as a partner in beating ISIS.


No prophecy (of scripture) ever came under human initiative, no, holy men received inspired utterance under the Holy Spirit. 2 Peter 1:21

"Iran has already threatened to bomb Israel's cities with its long-range missiles" - The Australian, Dec 15, 2009.
Click here for a built-in prophecy regarding the above statement in Isaiah 22. It shows Jerusalem fleeing together for mutual support as death occurs, not from close combat but from archers (or rockets). The warring nation is Elam - Iran (click here for a map) with Kir in Jordan uncovering the shield, and Babylon fallen, along with her false gods Isaiah 21:9. It shows Jerusalem tearing down houses to fortify the wall, rejoicing in her armour, but not looking to her maker, ignoring his call to repentance: "Let us eat and drink for tomorrow we die" Isaiah 22:13. Typified in a minister, Shebna meaning "growth" but seen as one digging a spectacular grave.

Click here for the Israeli Democracy Index survey from May 2017, 88% of Jews in Israel placing their highest trust in Israel's Defence Forces.

With such self-centred nihilism, the Lord declares this perversity would only be purged by death, as Shebna's powerful battle tanks become the disgrace of his master's house. And God calls Eliakim literally "God of resurrection" with words echoed in that promise to the church in Philadelphia of "laying the key of the house of David upon his shoulder, so he will open and none will shut, and he will shut and none will open" Isaiah 22:22.

The next chapter in Isaiah specifies how Tyre → Carthage collapses, see Isaiah 23 and Ezekiel 27, nor does the land of Egypt escape.

Tyre — Businesses and Politics

According to Jewish records, Tyre settled Carthage about 800BC and it became a mighty trading city. Carthage, spelt originally as Qart-Hadasht, means literally the "New   City", the "New Meeting place", and is sometimes called the "Woman-City". Its Phoenician alphabet, derived from the Hebrew, spread throughout Europe for trading purposes, providing contracts for buying, for selling, for law: before and after an event. And thus with Jewish missionaries, tutors, and schools teaching basics of phonetics to the children of business people and political masters, adapting it to their local language, if God's people, also teaching about God to humble hearts. Good things. Followed by the Christian missionaries, doing the same, and teaching about Christ. Now in the past 100 years the script has become universal, via the League of Nations, the United Nations, in business and entertainment, in computers and smartphones, this "Roman", this Latin, now this English script.

See this article in relation to Tunisia, the modern day name for the place of ancient Carthage, the dawn of the so-called "Arab Spring" in 2011. And we see in Daniel, "He (i.e. the appointed enemy) shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt, and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps" Daniel 11:42-43

Time Complete

With reference to 2 Corinthians 13:14
TIME click here for Bible Timeline can be seen as having now reached:

6000 years mankind on its own, 31 years — click here for Jesus's timeline, with the bridegroom, the Son of God.

  1. 4018 BC: 2008 years of The Father: Revealing His goodness & strength to individuals — Love of God the Father towards all.
    The Father (the Creator of all): Adam to Abraham. From the Beginning.

  2. 2010 BC: 2008 years of The Son: Birthing (a nation) not by works but by faith - the Lord's grace inside it.
    Son Isaac (means "laughing")
    Click to see the links in Hebrew between "Son", "Build", "House" and "Stone". See too Psalms 118:22
    The Son (Spoken Word → Living Word): Isaac to Jesus. Ever Present.
  3. 2 BC: 2008 years of The Holy Spirit: Partnering with people who are outworking God's purposes — Fellowship of the Holy Spirit while awaiting God's coming justice.
    The Holy Spirit (Sealed) — the Pledge or earnest of belonging to the King:
    Called the anointing, given to all who come as little children. 1 John 2:20
    Heralding Christ to Heralding His Return. Future Hope.

    *1807-2006: (see footnote) Horseman one. The church, as his body. Joseph. The world wide war for the gospel and medical health, opposing slavery and oppression during the last 200 years played a major role in increased life expectancy in many poorer regions outside Europe. But forgotten, somewhat like Joseph in prison . Still, between 1959 and 1999, world population doubled from 3 billion to 6 billion.

    Then in 1999, as Y2K (Year 2000) approached, many spoke of world wide economic calamity. In contrast, the sweeping deregulating that occurred with US Banks Securities and Insurance Companies — combined with major advances in VLSI technology that led to a worldwide "explosion" of
    ADSL and Cable Broadband Internet (ca 1998) then GPRS Mobile Internet (2000) — meant these last 7 years were seven years of unprecedented outward prosperity. Though within two years terrorists from Afghanistan declared war with that attack on the World Trade Centre in September 01. Horsemen two and three War and Trade.
    Headed by Omar Mullah, Taliban leader, reigning over that devastated area where gospel missionaries are frequently executed. Horseman four leading to Seal five Devastation and Martyrdom.

    And, following those seven fat years, seven lean years.

  4. Rosh Hashanah September 2006: 7 years of Israel: with Avowal at the UN.

    Coupled with the subprime crisis early glimpse was Merit Financial closing its doors May 4 06. Escalating Rosh Hashanah Sept 30 2008 two years later — running parallel to Joseph's words in Genesis 45: 9-11
    "Come down to me, do not delay — for there are yet five years of famine". Click here for thoughts.

    Following Rosh Hashanah (Sept 4th) 2013, click Here for that US Debt crisis as the US Govt closed down on 1st October, 2013. And as the world reached 7 billion.

Balances with 6031 years. So, as clearly as anything may be seen for now where we judge through a glass darkly, click here for a picture initially glimpsed also on May 4 06. Noting Paul's words: "Knowledge puffs up, but love builds the house. And if anyone figures they have seen anything, they have known nothing — not yet — as they ought to know. But if anyone loves God — seeks the building of God's house — this one has been known by Him." 1 Corinthians 8:1-3
"Despise not prophecy. Examine everything, hold fast that which is good." 1 Thessalonians 5:20-21
"For we know in part and we prophesy in part." 1 Corinthians 13:9

Seals 1-6

*Regarding the four horsemen (of the Apocalypse), we can see the first rider starting way back in 4000BC (1) Lord's finding heart faith — hidden/secret treasure in Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua down to David: hiding it selling all and buying the field. The second rider 2,000BC (2) War & Division follows Babel and the confusion of tongues: in Israel we see Abraham's first son Ishmael following in his mother's footsteps and mocking Isaac, Moses striking the rock following Miriam's death and speaking bitterly to all, Saul's presumption of Samuel's priesthood role — all from time & people pressure. The third rider 500BC (3) Trading idolatry: Gold/Silver/Copper/Iron coinage, seen in Babylon, previewed in Saul's coveting of wealth followed by God's rejection and contrasted with Abraham's refusal to be indebted to the world Genesis 14 and Genesis 23. Finally the fourth rider 1,000 years later (4) Death and Hell: Terrorism, Intimidation, Devastation, Dark Ages over a quarter of the earth. Their capital becomes Baghdad close by the now ancient city of Babylon.

Thus the four horsemen reflect not just the past 1,940 years (or so) since John wrote the Book of Revelation, but go right back to the Book of Genesis. For the non-believer, it can be seen in those famous stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, eventually, perhaps, comfort (Genesis 27:42).

And see too a similar picture Jesus showed regarding the four internal responses to the gospel in the parable of the sower in Matthew 13: "When any one hears the word of the kingdom, and understands it not, then comes the wicked one, and catches away that which was sown in his heart. This is he which received seed by the way side. But he that received the seed into stony places, the same is he that hears the word, and immediately with joy receives it, yet has he not root in himself, but is temporary: for when tribulation/social pressure or persecution/physical harassment arises because of the word, in time he is offended/tripped up (due to this warfare). He also that received seed among the thorns is he that hears the word, and the cares/distractions of this world, and the deceitfulness/delusions of riches and physical fullness choke the word and he becomes unfruitful (due to this wealth). But he that received seed into the good ground is he that hears the word, and understands it, which also bears fruit, and brings forth, some an hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty." Hallelujah.

Click here for this four seals comparison table in a separate page

Four Seals Table
First Four Seals
4000 BC
First Seal
White Horse:
The Word of God
2000 BC
Second seal
Red Horse:
of earthly kingdoms
500 BC
Third seal
Black Horse:
of trade & inflation
500 AD
Fourth seal
Pale Horse:
of Death & Hell in ¼ of earth
Living Creature
Man's Face
Flying Eagle
Age of the Lord
Start of His House and His Love
Age of the Military
Ancient Hinduism / Caste Slaves / Armies /
Sadducees — Living as physically "righteous"
Age of the Trader
Buddhism / Greeks / Self Empower / Evolving /
Pharisees — Living as "separated"
Age of the Destroyer
Death and Hell(Satan)
Muslim Terrorist Mastery opposed to all others
Jews (so called)
Herodians — Living as "heroes"
Spirit renewed
1 Peter 3:1-7
Ecclesiastes 3:11-22
Acts 10:34-35
Song of Songs
1 Corinthians 15:35-49
Body and Mind
Heart and Soul
Spirit whitewashed
Jesus in the Wilderness
  Bread for the Body Self-Aware / cast yourself down invulnerability Lofty imagination fulfilled, but first fall and worship the adversary
Sowing Seed
Finding a People who bear Fruit Stony ground-tribulation Thorns Wayside
James 3:15
  Earthly Sensual Devilish
1 John 2:16
  Despair and Sadness-Lusts of the Flesh
Fornication, Drunkenness
vs Joy-Confidence and Faith
Disinterested outside-Lusts of the Eyes
Covetousness, Idolatry
vs Interested others-Honour, Patience and Love (1cor13)
Fear of missing out-Boasting of Possessions
Swindling, Belittling
vs Good Desire-Expectation and Hope
Book of Common Prayer
  The Flesh The World The Devil
Job's Three (miserable) Aged Comforters vs Youth
Elihu-Childlike Faith
Job 33:2-7
Job 8:8-10
Personal Experiences
Job 4:12-21
Backward Deconstruction of Narratives
Job 11:6
Today's atheistic faith in
  Nazism Fascism
Patriotic Number
1 Chronicles 21
Communism Marxism
Monetary Strength
Luke 16
Inward Knowledge Nihilism
2 Timothy 4:3-4

Fifth seal. 1500 AD Martyrs cry How Long? A "new world" is slowly dawning & the Isaiah 60 prophecy.
Community-empowered (as opposed to privately-sponsored) schooling appears, training children up in the scriptures, arts and the law. Starts in Scotland (in 1496), spreads to Strasbourg and other German cities (in the 1500s), Massachusetts in the USA (in the 1600s), Prussia, Austria-Hungary, and Bohemia (in the 1700s), the rest of Europe and America, Australia and Japan (in the 1800s), Russia, China, and Muslim countries (in the 1900s) and finally all of India (in 2010) .

Sixth seal. 2000 AD The whole world starts to focus (in fear) on the sky. Get ready.


Click here for a list by Credit Suisse of net wealth (each nation's assets minus liabilities) - US currently showing $98 trillion.
Click here for each country's external debt with investment in US Treasury (internally and externally) - click here - in May 2019 showing $22 trillion.
Currently about 88%, click here, of all currency transactions across the world involve the US dollar.
Click here for each country's sovereign wealth funds (king was in his counting house) - US currently showing $150 billion.
Click here for each country's foreign exchange reserves - US currently showing $125 billion.
And click here for each country's official gold reserves - with 8133 tonnes, US currently valued about $400 billion, held by the US Federal Reserve. While these assets are technically owned by private shareholders (banks), note that by statute all profits or losses belong to the US Govt.

Comment from a friend "Note: The US not only holds the most gold but it represents 74% of their reserves. This means that whilst their dollar may not be backed by gold, they still understand its role as a potential storage of wealth in tough times. So, the US financial system is being hammered but as a country, any run on the gold price will help them (i.e. the federal reserve) to buy out the toxic debt and restabilise things. Look at the UK. Backs to a wall and no gold to play with...ouch."

And another friend's prayerful thought: "I think there are two currencies operating in the world: a) the currency of greed and corruption orchestrated by the world's international monetary system, and b) the currency of God's love revealed in Christ and extending Eternal Life to all who respond in faith to God's Call. I think this second currency operates 'under the radar' a lot of the time even though the world system tries to annex it through the institutionalisation of religion. But the Word of God grows and multiplies - Acts 12:24 - and wherever it grows and multiplies it brings blessing and peace and stability, in a measure, to the nations that do not actively war against it. Those that oppose it struggle massively with social degradation and economic impoverishment. I believe the uncharacteristic blessing that abides on Australia has come about because godly men and women have faithfully preached the Word over the time of our brief history. 'In Him was Life; and the Life was the Light of men. And the Light shines in the darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not' John 1:4,5. "


2 Thessalonians 2

Now we beseech you, brothers (and sisters), regarding the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together to him,
That you be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand (i.e. present)
Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come the "female" forsaking first (a breakdown of all legal and monetary restraint in the trading city of Revelation 18:4, the harlot Babylon)   and that man of sin be revealed (uncovered)  the son of perdition (or ruin);
Who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God , or that is worshipped ; so that he as God sits in the temple of God , showing himself that he is God
Remember you not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things ?
And now you have seen what withholds (holds him fast)  that he (i.e. the man of sin) might be revealed (uncovered)  in his season.
For the mystery of lawlessness does already work only the one who holds him fast, will now continue until that one is out of the middle.
And then shall that lawless one be revealed whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:

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Intro to latest computer user numbers in 2019

Four billion users worldwide, either on desktops or mobiles or both, are accessing the Internet in 2019.
According to ZDNet, there are


Desktop Browsers
To download a browser, its website may be found under Wikipedia's "External Links" heading

  1. Google Chrome with 67% global usage share, 66.5% in Australia.

  2. Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge

  3. Firefox with 9% global usage share, 7% in Australia.

  4. Apple Safari 4% (9% in Oz), with Safari 5.1.7 the last version for Windows.

  5. Opera 1½% (less than 1% in Oz)

Three Chinese browsers: Tencent's QQ Browser (1½%), Sogou Explorer (1½%), and UC Browser (½%) employ their own search engines, with Baidu most in use. In Russia, the Yandex Browser (0.83%) similarly employs its own search engine.

These global statistics are from Netmarketshare in California, weighted by the CIA's Internet Traffic by Country table.

The local Australian statistics are from StatCounter in Ireland. According to them, Mozilla Firefox was historically popular in Germany Iran and Indonesia, but Google Chrome, a fast browser with anti-virus blocking is now more popular day to day nearly everywhere, including here in Australia.

Desktop Operating Systems

Click here for operating system popularity. According to StatCounter

  1. Microsoft Windows is overwhelmingly popular worldwide at 82% of the market — 72% inside Australia, 72% inside US, 92% inside China.
    1. Breaking the Windows figure worldwide down further, Windows 10 is in the lead at 50%, though in Australia it's running at 52%, in the US 50%, in China it's about 45%.
    2. Windows 7 is second at 24%, though in China it's about 39%, in the US 15%, in Australia it's down to 12%.
    3. Windows 8.1 shows 4¼%, bit higher in Africa but lower in Australia US & China.
    4. Windows 8 is 2½%.
    5. Windows XP is 1%.
      Note that in China, Windows XP, though it's no longer supported, stills holds a fair share at 4%.
    6. And lastly Windows Vista is ¼%.
  2. Apple Mac's OS X holds 15% worldwide — 25% inside Australia, 20% inside the US, 7% inside China.
  3. The final 1% (in China) to 8% (in the US) of the market worldwide employs Chrome OS, Linux and other Unix-based systems. In the US, Chrome has about 6% of the market.

Desktop PC Sales

†† PC sales in 2018 worldwide were 259 million units. Market leaders were Lenovo on 23%, HP a close second on 22%, followed by Dell on 16%, Apple Mac on 7% then Acer and Asus both on 6%. Other companies made up the 20% balance.
†† This statistic is from Gartner, January 10th 2019

Mobiles and tablets

Smartphone sales in 2018 were 1½ billion units, nearly six times more than desktops.
Mobiles and tablets run on chips designed by ARM Holdings, in Apple iPhones, Apple iPad tablets, and Android smartphones and tablets. Despite the higher costs historically of mobile networks vs fixed-line networks, since late 2016 mobile traffic has exceeded desktop traffic, i.e. page views by mobiles are now more than 50% of total page views. Click here to see that graph contrasting worldwide mobile browser traffic with desktop browser traffic.

Click here for the 10 most popular Australian models used in that browser share. Click here for the US, and here for the UK, which as an English speaking market show Apple iPhones (7, 8, X, 6 and SE models) solidly in the lead, followed by the Samsung Galaxy (S8, S9 and S7 models). With the high prices of newer models, many customers are holding on to their older smartphones, as they continue to offer 4G speeds and performance.

Click here for Australian vendor market share of smartphones sold in 2018, with Apple on top at 4 million (47% of market).

With mobile web browsing by country, Opera (in Africa), UC You Can Web (in China, India and Indonesia), Apple Safari (in Australia, US, UK and Japan) are dominant browsers. Worldwide, Google Chrome retains an overall popularity.

Apple Computers

Regarding Apple's popularity, its quarterly sales for Dec 2017 were 5 million Macs, 13 million iPads and 77 million iPhones. No similar breakdown report was made by Apple in Dec 2018, and yearly numbers may have dropped about 3%. Last month's iPhone browser share worldwide was 22%, but in Australia 55%.


And in mainframes the market leader is solidly IBM, perhaps 90%, followed by Fujitsu.

64-bit vs 32-bit

With regards to 64-bit vs 32-bit as Windows 7 gained momentum, a report in 2010 showed 46% of the worldwide installed base of Windows 7 running 64-bit, with 54% running 32-bit. This contrasted with Vista which had only 11% running 64-bit, and Windows XP with less than 1%. Today all modern desktop computers are designed to run 64-bit Windows 7, 8 or 10.

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